Composers and Poets

On this page it is possible to see when many of the poets and composers, whose work is contained in the archive lived. The list is incomplete since only those artists whose dates were available are shown here. Searches for other composers and poets should be done through the Contents database.

Once a search is undertaken, clicking on a name will show the artists body of work contained in the archive.


Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates
Jacob, August Composer 1803-1884
Jacobi, Johann Georg Poet 1740-1814
Jacobowski, Ludwig Poet 1868-1900
Jacobsen, J. Composer 1866-1926
Jacobsen, Jens Peter Poet 1847-1885
Jadassohn, Salomon Composer 1831-1902
Jaenicke, Ernst Poet 1818-1872
Jäger, Daniel Poet 1762-1802
Jäger, Eberhard Composer 1916-2006
Jäger, Paul Poet 1869-1963
Jäger, Walter Composer 1901-1975
Jahn, Friedrich Ludwig Poet 1778-1852
Jahn, Willie Composer, Poet 1889-1973
Jacob, Therese von Poet 1797-1870
Jannequin, Clement Composer 1480-1560
Jansen, Friedrich Gustav Composer 1831-1910
Janssens, Peter Composer, Poet 1934-1998
Jaroff, Serge Composer 1896-1985
Jary, Michael Composer 1906-1988
Jaun, Ediar Poet 1854-1913
Jecha, Franz Composer 1897-1969
Jeep, Johannes Composer, Arranger 1581-1644
Jelinek, Willy Composer 1909-2000
Jellinek, Fritz Composer 1909-1971
Jensen, Adolf Composer 1837-1879
Jensen, Gustav Composer 1843-1895
Jentzsch, Bernd Poet 1940-
Jessel, Leon Composer 1871-1942
Jessen, Philipp von Poet 1619-1689
Jeßler, Fritz Composer 1924-2015
Job, Johannes Poet 1664-1736
Jochumson, Matthias Poet 1835-1920
Jöde, Fritz Composer, Poet, Arranger 1897-1970
Joham, Ludwig Poet 1876-1971
Johannsen, Erich Poet 1862-1938
Jonas, Justus (d.Ä.) Poet 1493-1555
Jonson, Ben Poet 1572-1637
Jordan, Wilhelm Poet 1819-1904
Jörgens, Friedrich Ludwig Poet 1792-1837
Jorissen, Matthias Poet 1739-1823
Josephi, Jeremias Poet 1671-1729
Josephson, Bertha (Mercator) Poet 1861-1906
Jost, Eduard Poet 1837-1902
Judenkünig, Hans Composer ca. 1450-1526
Juhre, Arnim Poet 1925-2015
Jung, Cläre Poet 1892-1981
Jung, Michael von Poet 1781-1858
Jünger, Friedrich Georg Poet 1945-1977
Jünger, Johann Friedrich Poet 1756-1797
Jungnitz, Joseph Poet 1844-1918
Jung-Stilling, Johann Heinrich Composer, Poet 1740-1817
Jussenhoven, Gerhard Composer 1911-2006
Jütz, Albert Composer, Poet 1900-1925
Jaksch, Erik Composer 1904-1976
Jirsch, Karl Poet 1873-1937
James, Simon Composer 1880-1944
Jahn, Martin Composer ca. 1620-1682
Janus, Martin Composer ca. 1620-1682
Jähn, Martin Composer ca. 1620-1682
Jourdan, Gottlob Poet 1892-1973
Jürgens, Udo Composer, Poet 1934-2014
Jehle, Friedrich Composer, Poet 1844-1941
Jütz, Bertl Composer, Poet 1900-1925
Jäger, Karl Maria Composer, Poet 1876-1956
Jenner, Gustav Composer 1865-1920
Jöcker, Detlev Composer 1951-
Janetzko, Stephen Composer, Poet 1966-
Janson, Otto Composer, Poet o.A.
Jauch, Jakob Josef Poet 1802-1857
Jehn, Wolfgang Composer, Poet 1937-2017
Jehn, Margarete Composer, Poet 1935-
Jacobson, Leopold Poet 1878-1943
Jankowski, Horst Composer, Poet 1936-1998
Jeschek, Tino Composer o.A.
Jackson, Helen Hunt Poet 1830-1885
Joseph, Georg Composer 1620-1668
Jochum, Otto Composer 1898-1969
Jüngst, Hugo Composer 1853-1923
Jahnke, Hermann Poet 1845-1908
Jukes, Karl Friedrich Poet 1823-1889
Jahn, Janheinz Poet 1918-1973
Jörns, Helmuth Composer, Poet, Arranger 1911-1941
Jurek, Wilhelm August Composer, Poet 1870-1934
Juel-Frederiksen, Emil Composer 1873-1950
Jacoby, Ludwig Sigismund Poet 1813-1874
Jalandhari, Hafeez Poet 1900-1982
Jersey, Mel Composer 1943-
Jaques-Dalcroze, Emile Composer, Poet 1865-1950
Janowskyj, Jurij Poet 1902-1954
Jarnach, Philipp Composer, Arranger 1892-1982
Jacobi, Michael Composer 1618-1663
Jacobi, Wolfgang Composer 1894-1972
Judeich, Helene Poet 1836-1951
Jan, Martin Composer 1620-1682
Jesinghaus, Walter Poet 1871-
Jenny, Markus Poet 1924-2001
Jentzsch, Martin Poet 1879-1967
Jenstein, Johann von Poet 1350-1400
Joppich, Godehard Composer 1932-
Jarman, Thomas Composer 1776-1861
Jungbauer, Gustav Composer, Poet, Publisher 1886-1942
Johnson, Norman Composer 1928-1983
James, Mary Dagworthy Poet 1810-1883
Jones, Lewis E. Composer, Poet 1856-1936
Jenkins, Karl Composer, Poet 1944-
Jahn, Otto Composer 1813-1869
Jansen, Walter Poet 1897-1959
Janitschek, Maria Poet 1859-1927
Johst, Hanns Poet 1890-1978
Jenbach, Bela Poet 1871-1943
Jurmann, Walter Composer, Poet 1903-1971
Jarczyk, Herbert Composer 1913-1968
Jäger, Ernst Composer 1913-1975
Jansen, Gustav Composer 1817-
Jan, C. von Composer 1836-
Jones, Stan Composer, Poet 1914-1963
Jungmann, Albert Composer 1824-1892
Johann Schachinger d.ä. Composer 1485-1561
Järnfelt, Armas Composer 1869-1958
Jentsch, Hans Composer 1911-
Juergensohn, Alfred Composer 1902-1944
Jung, Wilhelm Composer 1877-1941
Jansen, Fasia Composer, Poet 1929-1972
Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates