Composers and Poets

On this page it is possible to see when many of the poets and composers, whose work is contained in the archive lived. The list is incomplete since only those artists whose dates were available are shown here. Searches for other composers and poets should be done through the Contents database.

Once a search is undertaken, clicking on a name will show the artists body of work contained in the archive.


Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates
V. Vitaliana (Dino Rulli) Composer 1891-1929
Vahle, Fredrik Composer, Poet 1942-
Vail, Silas Jonas Composer 1818-1883
Vaillant-Couturier, Paul Poet 1892-1937
Valentin, Erich Poet 1906-1993
Valentin, Gerhard Poet 1919-1975
Valentin, Karl Composer, Poet 1882-1948
Valentini, Giuseppe Composer 1681-1735
Valerius, Adrian Composer, Poet, Publisher 1575-1625
Valerius, Adrianus Composer, Poet, Publisher 1575-1625
Vamvakaris, Markos Composer, Poet 1905-1972
Vandevere, J. Lilian Poet 1885-1957
Vaqueiras, Raimbaut de Composer, Poet 1180-1207
Vaughn, Billy Composer 1919-1991
Vecchi, Oratio Composer 1550-1605
Vechi, Horatio Composer, Arranger 1550-1605
Vega, Lope de Poet 1503-1536
Vegesack, Siegfried von Poet 1889-1974
Vehe, Michael Publisher 1485-1539
Veigel, Gotthold Composer 1913-1998
Veit, Wenzel Heinrich Composer, Poet 1806-1864
Veith, Johann Emanuel Poet 1787-1876
Veits, Cornelius Composer o.A.
Veldeke, Hendrik van Poet 1150-1195
Ventadorn, Bernart von Composer, Poet 1145-1195
Vento, Ivo de Composer, Arranger ca. 1543-1575
Vercnocke, Ferdinand Poet 1906-1989
Verdelot, Philippe Composer 1475-1552
Verdi, Giuseppe Composer 1813-1901
Vereabilis, Beda Poet 673-735
Veremans, Maurits Composer 1904-1964
Veremans, Renaat Composer 1844-1969
Verhagen, Balthazar Poet 1881-1950
Verlaine, Paul Poet 1844-1896
Verschaeve, Cyriel Poet 1874-1949
Verspoell, Christoph Bernhard Poet 1743-1818
Vesper, Will Poet 1882-1962
Vetter, Georg Poet 1536-1599
Vetterling, Arno Composer 1903-1963
Viadana, Ludovico Grossi da Composer 1564-1645
Vibach, Karl Poet 1928-1987
Victor, Walther Poet 1895-1971
Viebahn, Anni von Poet 1884-1931
Viebahn, Georg von (der Jüngere) Poet 1840-1915
Vierdanck, Johann Composer 1605-1646
Vierling, Georg Composer 1820-1901
Vierling, Johann Gottfried Poet 1750-1813
Vierordt, Heinrich Poet 1855-1935
Vietz, Udo Composer, Poet 1906-1965
Vigny, Benno Poet 1889-1965
Viher, Franz Composer, Poet 1915-2015
Villard, Jean Composer 1895-1982
Villiers, Marthinus Lourens de Composer 1885-1977
Villon, Francois Composer, Poet 1431-1463
Vinage, Ernst du Poet 1890-1960
Vincenti, Benedetto Composer 1815-1914
Viol, Friedrich Wilhelm Poet 1817-1874
Viotta, Joannes Josephus Composer 1814-1859
Viotta, Johannes Josephus Composer 1814-1859
Viradot-Garcia, Pauline Composer 1821-1910
Vischer, Friedrich Theodor Poet 1807-1887
Vischer, Friedrich Theodor Poet -1600
Vischer, Friedrich Theodor Poet 1807-1887
Vischer, Wilhelm Poet 1895-1988
Vischner, Hans Poet 1840-1906
Visee, Robert de Composer ca. 1650-1720
Vitali, Giovanni Battista Composer 1644-1692
Vitaliana, V. (Dino Rolli) Composer 1891-1929
Vittoria, Tomaso Ludovico da Composer 1548-1611
Vivaldi, Antonio Composer 1678-1741
Vocht, Lodewijk de Composer 1887-1977
Vogel, Georg (Hans von Bergen) Poet 1847-1919
Vogel, Günter Composer, Arranger 1923-2013
Vogel, Heinrich Composer, Poet 1902-1989
Vogel, Jakob Poet 1584-nach 1630
Vogel, Moritz Composer, Poet, Arranger 1846-1922
Vogel, Theodor Maria Poet 1881-1957
Vogelhuber, Georg Poet ca. 1500-1540
Vogelsang, Marie Composer 1884-1959
Vogelsänger, Siegfried Composer 1927-2015
Vogelweide, Walther von der Composer, Poet 1170-1230
Vogesack, Siegfried von Poet 1888-1974
Voget, Karl Oktavianus Poet 1873-1936
Vogg, Herbert Composer, Poet 1928-
Vogl, Anton Composer 1789-1871
Vogl, Johann Nepomuk Poet 1802-1866
Vogler, Georg Composer 1749-1814
Vogt, Ludwig Composer, Poet 1892-
Vöhringer, Ludwig Poet 1841-1928
Voigt, Friedrich Poet 1770-1814
Voigt, Lene Poet 1891-1962
Voigtländer, Gabriel Poet 1596-1643
Voigtländer, Karl Composer, Arranger 1827-1858
Volckmar, Wilhelm Composer 1812-1887
Volker, Ernst Composer, Poet 1888-1941
Volker, Reinhard Poet 1863-1922
Volker, Reinhard Poet 1863-1922
Volkmann, Hans Poet 1834-1899
Volkmann, Richard von Poet 1830-1889
Volkmann, Robert Composer 1815-1883
Volkstein, Pauline Composer 1849-1925
Volland, Friedrich Poet 1774-1841
Volley, Sophie Poet 1834-1893
Vollrath, Paul Poet -1914
Vopelius, Gottfried Poet 1635-1715
Vorholz, Christoph Poet 1801-1865
Vorste, Günther von dem Poet ca. 1250-1275
Voss, Gloria de Poet 1918-1985
Voß, Johann Heinrich Poet 1751-1826
Vossen, Albert Composer 1910-1971
Vötterle, Karl Composer, Poet 1903-1975
Vring, Georg von der Poet 1889-1968
Vulpius, Christian August Poet 1762-1826
Vulpius, Melchior Composer, Arranger 1560-1615