Composers and Poets

On this page it is possible to see when many of the poets and composers, whose work is contained in the archive lived. The list is incomplete since only those artists whose dates were available are shown here. Searches for other composers and poets should be done through the Contents database.

Once a search is undertaken, clicking on a name will show the artists body of work contained in the archive.


Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates
Ebel, Eduard Composer, Poet 1839-1905
Ebeling, Johann Georg Composer 1637-1676
Eber, Paul Poet 1511-1569
Eberhard, Christian August Gottlob (Ernst Scherzer) Poet 1769-1845
Ebers, Karl Friedrich Composer 1770-1836
Ebert, August Poet 1902-1963
Ebert, Jakob Poet 1549-1614
Ebert, Karl Egon Poet 1801-1882
Eberwein, Josef Poet 1895-1981
Eberwein, Traugott Maximilian Composer 1775-1831
Ebner-Eschenbach, Marie von Poet 1830-1916
Eccard, Johannes Composer, Poet, Arranger 1553-1611
Eckart, Dietrich Poet 1868-1923
Eckhardt, Karl August (Akkila) Poet 1901-1979
Eckermann, Johann Peter Poet 1792-1854
Eckert, Eugen Poet 1954-
Eckert, Karl Composer 1820-1879
Eckstein, Ernst Poet 1845-1900
Edelkötter, Ludger Composer 1940-
Edelschtat, David Poet 1866-1892
Eder, Pater Viktor Composer 1863-1933
Edmeston, James Poet 1791-1867
Eggers, Friedrich Poet 1819-1872
Eggers, Kurt Poet 1905-1943
Egli, Johann Heinrich Composer 1748-1810
Ehenheim, Gösli von Poet 1226-1250
Ehlers, Wilhelm Composer 1774-1845
Eichen, Heinrich Composer, Poet 1905-1986
Eichendorff, Joseph von Poet 1788-1857
Eichert, Franz Poet 1857-1926
Eichrodt, Ludwig Poet 1827-1892
Eickhoff, Friedrich Hermann Poet 1807-1886
Eidenbenz, Christian Gottlob Composer 1761-1799
Eijken, Gerrit Jan van Composer 1832-1879
Eildermann, Heinrich Arnold Poet 1879-1955
Eilenberg, Richard Composer 1848-1927
Einem, Gottfried von Composer 1918-1996
Eisbrenner, Werner Composer, Poet 1908-1981
Eisenbart, Dr. Johann Andreas Poet 1663-1727
Eisler, Hanns Composer 1898-1962
Eisner, Kurt (Salomon Kosmonowski) Poet 1867-1918
Eizenberger, Josef Composer 1877-
Elgar, Edward Composer 1857-1934
Elliott, Charlotte Poet 1789-1871
Ellwanger, Karl Friedrich Composer 1796-1856
Elmar, Karl (Karl Swiedack) Poet 1815-1888
Elmenhorst, Heinrich Poet 1632-1704
Elterlein, Johanne Amalie von Poet 1784-1865
Elze, Friedrich Karl Poet 1821-1889
Encina, Juan del Composer 1468-1530
Ende, Michael Poet 1929-1995
Endres, Franz Carl Poet 1878-1954
Engel, Adolf Composer 1877-1948
Engel, David Hermann Composer 1816-1877
Engel, Hermann Composer 1892- 1945
Engel-Berger, Willy Composer 1890-1946
Engelbretsdatter, Dorothea Poet 1634-1716
Engelhardt, Hermann Poet 1872-1938
Engelhart, Franz Xaver Composer 1861-1924
Engelke, Bernhard Composer 1884-1950
Engelke, Gerrit Poet 1890-1918
Engelke, Jooschen Poet 1918-1962
Engelsberg, E.S. (Georg Schön) Composer, Poet 1825-1879
Englert, Michael Composer 1868-1956
Enslin, Karl Poet 1819-1875
Eppler, Christoph Friedrich Poet 1822-1902
Erdlen, Hermann Composer 1893-1972
Erk, Adam Wilhelm Composer 1779-1820
Erk, Ludwig Composer, Arranger 1807-1883
Erkel, Ferenc Composer 1810-1893
Erlebach, Philipp Heinrich Composer 1657-1714
Ernst, Hans Composer 1892-1978
Erpf, Hermann Composer 1891-1969
Ersoy, Akif Poet 1873-1936
Erzgräber, Walter Composer o. A.
Eschelbach, Hans Poet 1868-1948
Eschenbach, Wolfram von Poet 1170-1220
Eschenburg, Johann Joachim Poet 1743-1820
Esser, Heinrich Composer 1818-1872
Esser, Johann Poet 1896-1971
Estrada, Osorio Duque Poet 1870-1927
Ett, Kaspar Composer 1788-1847
Eulenberg, Herbert Poet 1876-1949
Eulenburg, Philipp zu Composer 1847-1921
Evers, Franz Poet 1871-1947
Everts, Ernst Composer 1868-1952
Ewald, Johann Poet 1743-1781
Excell, Edwin Othello Composer 1851-1921
Eyth, Eduard Poet 1809-1884
Ebeler, Gerhard Poet 1877-1956
Eckardt, Isaak Composer, Poet 1845-1914
Englisch, Johannes Poet 1502-1577
Egger, Franz Composer 1952-
Eichler, Friedrich Composer 1789-1860
Eckmann, Heinrich Poet 1889-1940
Elbort, George Composer 1867-1940
Erdmann, Heinrich Poet 1870-1957
Eder, Josef Poet 1924-2015
Ei, Rokusuke Poet 1933-2016
Eddy, Duane Composer, Poet 1938-
Eck, Peter van Composer, Poet 1927-
Elwert, Karl Anselm Poet 1761-1825
Eastburn, R.A. Composer 1837-1907
Ehrhard, Johann Ulrich Poet 1647-1678
Ellerton, John Poet 1826-1893
Elvey, George J. Composer 1816-1893
Eisenmann, Rudolf Composer 1894-1954
Esser, Ben Composer, Poet 1875-
Enderling, Paul Poet 1880-1938
Eysler, Edmund Composer 1874-1949
Elmenhorst, Wilhelm Poet 1902-1962
Essen, Otto von Poet 1898-1983
Ermisch, Jörg Composer, Poet 1948-
Eidam, Klaus Poet 1926-2006
Elster, Johann Daniel Composer, Arranger 1796-1857
Endrikat, Fred Poet 1890-1942
Elin, Hanns Poet 1901-1969
Erwin, Ralph Composer 1876-1943
Ehrich, Rudolf Composer 1872-1924
Ehrle, Günther Composer 1946-
Esser, Bruno Composer 1909-1967
Ertl, Dominik Composer, Poet 1857-1911
Exner, Max Composer, Poet 1909-1973
Eastwick, Ivy O. Poet 1908-1999
Ebersold, Elise Poet 1837-1903
Eberle, August Composer 1847-1918
Eberhard, August Poet 1796-1845
Ehrler, Hans Heinrich Poet 1872-1951
Elsbeth, Thomas Composer 1555-1624
Eckschläger, August Poet 1784-1826
Ellecosta, Lois Poet 1938-
Eber, Karlheinz Composer, Poet 1927-2004
Eyth, Max Poet 1836-1906
Ebbecke, Hans Composer, Poet 1893-1973
Ebert, Andreas Composer, Poet 1952-
Erk, Friedrich Composer 1809-1878
Eichholz, Friedrich Wilhelm Poet 1720-1800
Erythräus, Gotthard Composer, Arranger 1550-1617
Eskuche, Gustav Poet 1865-1917
Engel, Erika Poet 1911-2004
El-Registan, Gabriel Poet 1899-1945
Ebel, Arnold Composer 1883-1963
Ebeling, Elisabeth Poet 1828-1905
Engelbach, Georg Composer 1817-1894
Eichenauer, Richard Composer, Arranger 1893-1956
Eckartz, Hubert Composer, Arranger 1903-1961
Erbertseder, Robert Composer, Poet 1913-2001
Ebrard, August Poet 1818-1888
Eckel, Mathias Composer ca. 1470-1538
Edeling, Christian Ludwig Poet 1678-1742
Ellingsen, Svein Poet 1929-2020
Enderlin, Fritz Poet 1883-1971
Ellis, Vep Composer, Poet 1917-1988
Ehrhardt, Monika Poet 1947-
Ellissen, Otto Adolf Poet 1859-1943
Ey, Adolf Poet 1844-1934
Eeden, Jan van den Composer 1842-1917
Ertler, Bruno Poet 1889-1927
Eckstädt, Elisabeth Gräfin Vitzthum von Poet 1793-1878
Eisemann, Mihaly Composer 1898-1966
Egen, Austin Composer, Poet 1897-1941
Erdmann, Gunther Composer 1939-1996
Egyd, Filek Poet 1874-1949
Emmer, Leopold Composer 1906-1995
Eickhoff, Johann Dietrich Composer 1814-1884
Ellmenreich, Albert Composer 1816-1905
Eberle, Friedrich Composer, Poet 1853-1932
Ehlert, Ludwig Composer 1825-1883
Eisenbach, Georg Composer 1793-1862
Eckel, Matthias Composer ca. 1470-1538
Egenter, Joseph Poet 1750-
Elwert, Eduard Poet 1805-1865
Eggers, Gerd Poet 1945-2018
Erich von Westfalen Composer, Poet 2001-
Eschmann, Johann Carl Composer 1826-1882
Enders, Georg Composer 1898-1954
Eichberg, Henning Composer, Poet 1942-2017
Endsley, Melvin Composer, Poet 1934-2004
Ewald, J.L. Poet 1747-1822
Elsässer, Carl Gottlieb Composer 1817-1885
Erb, Jörg Composer, Poet 1877-1958
Ernst, Paul Poet 1866-1933
Ehrenbaum-Degele, Hans Poet 1889-1915
Eisenstein, Karl von Poet 1889-
Enking, Ottomar Poet 1867-1937
Elterlein, Johanne Amalie von Poet 1784-1865
Eisert, Willibald Composer, Poet 1875-1950
Egk, Werner Composer 1901-1983
Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates