Composers and Poets

On this page it is possible to see when many of the poets and composers, whose work is contained in the archive lived. The list is incomplete since only those artists whose dates were available are shown here. Searches for other composers and poets should be done through the Contents database.

Once a search is undertaken, clicking on a name will show the artists body of work contained in the archive.


Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates
Oberborbeck, Felix Composer, Poet 1900-1975
Oberkofler, Joseph Georg Poet 1889-1962
Obrecht, Jakob Composer 1450-1505
O'Cearney, Peadar Composer 1883-1942
Ochs, Siegfried Composer, Poet 1858-1929
Oechsner, Michael Poet 1816-1893
Oelbermann, Karl Composer, Poet 1897-1974
Oelbermann, Robert Composer, Poet 1897-1941
Oettingen, Herbert von Poet 1878-1946
Oettinger, Eduard Maria Poet 1808-1872
Offenbach, Jaques Composer 1819-1880
Oginski, Michael Kleophas Composer 1765-1833
Ohle, Wilhelm Composer, Poet 1909-1971
Oldenberg, Friedrich Poet 1820-1894
Olearius, Johann Poet 1611-1684
Olias, Lotar Composer, Poet 1913-1990
Oppermann, Gustav Poet 1830-1865
Orff, Carl Composer, Arranger 1895-1982
Ortlepp, Ernst Poet 1800-1864
Oser, Friedrich Poet 1820-1891
Osiander, Lukas Composer 1534-1604
Osterberg, Daniel Paschasius von Composer, Poet 1634-1711
Ostermann, Willi Composer, Poet 1876-1936
Osterwald, Wilhelm Poet 1820-1887
Ostwald, Hans Poet 1873-1940
Othegraven, August von Composer 1864-1946
Othmayr, Kaspar Composer, Poet, Arranger 1515-1553
Ott, Hans Poet, Publisher 1516-1546
Otto, Christian Gottlob Poet 1763-1826
Otto, Ernst Julius Composer 1804-1877
Otto, Franz Composer 1809-1841
Otto, Julius (der jüngere) Poet 1825-1849
Overbeck, Christian Adolf Poet 1755-1821
Owens, Buck Composer, Poet 1929-2006
Ohland, Hermann Poet 1888-1953
Otto, Theodor Composer 1873-
Ochs, Volker Composer 1929-2018
Oehler, Guido-Heribert (hai) Composer 1906-1980
Oscheit, Max Composer 1880-1923
Oldörp, Fred (Frank Olson) Composer, Poet 1920-1984
Oxenham, John Poet 1852-1941
Oppenberg, Ferdinand Poet 1908-1989
Olivieri, Dino Composer 1905-1963
Oesterreicher, Richard Composer 1932-
Ortner, Sepp Composer, Poet 1929-
Oschanin, Lew Poet 1912-1996
Okano, Teiichi Composer 1878-1941
Ohlischlaeger, Geno Composer, Poet 1898-1974
Osten, Siegfried Poet 1925-
Obermayer, Josef Composer, Poet 1866-1951
Ohanian, Phyllis Brown Composer 1913-2014
Ostergaard, Kristian Composer, Poet 1855-1931
Ochs, Gerd Composer 1903-1977
Ockeghem, Jean Composer ca. 1430-1497
Oliphant, Thomas Poet 1799-1813
Oberhöller, Sepp Composer, Poet 1940-
Oberkofler, Elmar Poet 1931-
Obervosbeck, Wilhelm Poet 1913-
Ott, Johann Composer, Poet, Publisher 1516-1546
Odiase, Pa Composer 1934-2013
Oelschläger, Ferdinand Composer 1798-1858
Ott, Alexander Composer, Poet 1908-1978
Oer, Max von Poet 1806-1846
Oehme, Alfred Poet 1881-1935
Odinga, Heinrich Gerdes Poet 1833-1919
Oetinger, Friedrich Christoph Poet 1702-1782
Oosterhuis, Huub Poet 1933-
Ongmann, Paul John Composer 1895-1957
Oxenham, John Poet 1852-1941
Orr, James Edwin Poet 1912-1987
Oye, Eugen van Poet 1813-1894
Opsomer, Jaak Composer 1873-1952
Otten, Hans Composer 1905-1942
Orloff, Peter Composer, Poet 1944-
Oesten, Theodor Composer 1813-1870
Ohlhanns, Franz Composer 1861-1910
Obendorf, Stefan Composer 1976-
Othmayr, Caspar Composer, Poet, Arranger 1515-1553
Ogermann, Claus Composer, Poet 1930-2016
Okonkowski, Georg Poet 1865-1926
Oberhoffer, Heinrich Composer 1824-1885
Ortelli, Toni Composer, Poet, Arranger 1904-2000
Ompteda, Georg Freiherr von Poet 1863-1831
Ortega, Sergio Composer, Poet 1938-2003
Ostini, Fritz von Poet 1861-1927
Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates