Composers and Poets

On this page it is possible to see when many of the poets and composers, whose work is contained in the archive lived. The list is incomplete since only those artists whose dates were available are shown here. Searches for other composers and poets should be done through the Contents database.

Once a search is undertaken, clicking on a name will show the artists body of work contained in the archive.


Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates
Zacharias, Helmut Composer 1920-2002
Zacharias, Werner Poet 1768-1823
Zachmeier, Erwin Composer, Poet 1928-1991
Zachow, Friedrich Wilhelm Composer 1663-1712
Zack, Viktor Composer, Arranger 1854-1939
Zagwijn, Henri Composer 1878-1954
Zahn, Christian Jakob Composer 1765-1830
Zahn, Ernst Poet 1867-1952
Zahn, Johannes Composer, Arranger 1817-1895
Zahn, Kleophea Poet 1797-1860
Zakaria, Moufdi Poet 1908-1977
Zalden, Manfred Composer, Poet 1902-1984
Zander, Adolf Composer 1843-1914
Zander, Daniel Composer 1823-1905
Zander, Frank Composer, Poet 1942-
Zange, Nikolaus Composer 1570-1619
Zanger, Gustav Composer 1848-1889
Zangius, Nicolaus Composer, Poet 1570-1619
Zapp, Arthur Poet 1852-1925
Zaremba, Felician Graf von Poet 1794-1874
Zarnack, August Composer, Poet 1777-1827
Zauner, Peter Poet 1886-1973
Zech, Paul Poet 1881-1946
Zedlitz, Joseph Christian Freiherr von Composer, Poet 1790-1862
Zehelein, Justus Friedrich Composer, Poet 1760-1802
Zehender, Christoph Poet 1961-
Zehnder, Peter Mauritius Composer, Poet 1654-1713
Zehngraf, Josef Composer 1841-1927
Zehrer, Franz Composer, Arranger 1911-1992
Zeisner, Hans Composer, Poet 1911-1978
Zejler, Handrij (Andreas Seiler) Poet 1804-1872
Zelibor, Gustav Composer 1903-1978
Zell, Friedrich Poet 1829-1895
Zeller, Albert Poet 1804-1877
Zeller, Cäcilie Poet 1800-1876
Zeller, Carl Composer 1842-1898
Zeller, Christian Heinrich Poet 1779-1860
Zelter, Carl Friedrich Composer, Poet, Arranger 1758-1832
Zemke, Georg Poet 1903-2000
Zenetti, Lothar Poet 1926-
Zenger, Max Composer 1837-1911
Zeno, Apostolo Poet 1668-1750
Zentner, Johannes Composer 1903-1989
Zepler, Bogumil Composer 1858-1918
Zereteli, Akaki Poet 1840-1915
Zerfaß, Julius Poet 1886-1856
Zerkovitz, Bela Composer 1881-1948
Zerlett, Hans H. Poet 1892-1949
Zerlett, Johann Baptist Composer 1859-1935
Zerlett-Olfenius, Walter Poet 1897-1975
Zerlik, Otto Poet 1908- 1989
Zesen, Philipp von Poet 1619-1689
Zettl, Zephyrin Poet 1876-1935
Zeuch, Christa Composer, Poet 1941-
Zeuner, Martin Composer, Arranger 1554-1619
Zeutschner, Tobias Poet 1615-1675
Zib, Erich Composer, Poet 1951-
Zib, Marion Composer, Poet 1977-
Zickler, Artur Poet 1897-1987
Ziegenspeck, Michael Poet 1585-1672
Ziegler, Christiana Mariana von Poet 1695-1760
Ziegler, Johann Konrad Poet 1885-1959
Ziegler, Josef Wolfgang Composer 1906-2000
Ziegler, Kaspar Poet 1621-1690
Ziegler, Kaspar Poet 1604-1669
Ziegler, Marianne von Composer 1739-1752
Ziehnert, Johann Gottlieb Poet 1780-1844
Ziehrer, Carl Michael Composer 1843-1922
Zierenberg, Georg (schorse) Composer, Poet 1911-1963
Zierenberg, Hartmut Composer 1941-
Ziesmann, Egon Composer 1953-
Ziganoff, Nikolai Grigorjewitsch Composer, Poet 1797-1831
Zihlmann, Hans Composer 1936-
Zihn, Johann Friedrich Poet 1650-1719
Zikeli, Michael Composer 1847-1929
Zilcher, Hermann Composer 1881-1948
Zill, Karl Josef Composer 1861-1928
Zillich, Heinrich Poet 1898-1988
Zillner, Emmerich Composer 1900-1971
Zils, Diethard Poet 1935-
Zimmer, Carl Composer 1869-1935
Zimmer, Friedrich Composer 1826-1899
Zimmering, Max Poet 1909-1973
Zimmermann, Dieter Composer 1943-1978
Zimmermann, Georg Poet 1855-1921
Zimmermann, Georg Poet 1814-1881
Zimmermann, Heinz Werner Composer 1930-
Zimmermann, Johann Anton Composer 1741-1781
Zimmermann, Marianne Composer 1908-2004
Zimmermann, Rolf Composer, Poet 1925-2016
Zimmermann, Simon Anton Composer 1808-1876
Zimmermann, Werner Poet 1825-1906
Zinc, Jörg Poet 1922-2016
Zincgref, Julius Wilhelm Poet 1591-1635
Zingel, Rudolf Ewald Composer 1876-1944
Zink, Jörg Poet 1922-2016
Zink, Rudolf Composer 1910-1983
Zinnen, Johann Anton Composer 1827-1898
Zinner, Hedda Poet 1905-1994
Zinser, Georg Poet 1841-1920
Zinzendorf, Christian Renatus Graf von Poet 1727-1752
Zinzendorf, Nikolaus Ludwig Graf von Poet 1700-1760
Zipp, Friedrich Composer, Poet, Arranger 1914-1997
Zirler, Stephan Composer 1518-1568
Zlanabitnig, Bernhard Composer 1948-
Zöbeley, Rudolf Composer 1901-1991
Zöberlein, Hans Poet 1895-1964
Zoder, Raimund Composer 1882-1963
Zöhrer, Eduard Poet 1810-1885
Zoll, Paul Composer, Arranger 1907-1978
Zoller, Alfred Hans Composer, Poet 1928-2006
Zoller, Franz Karl Composer, Poet 1748-1829
Zoller, Georg Composer 1852-1941
Zoller, Karl Franz Composer, Poet 1748-1829
Zollikofer, Georg Joachim Poet 1730-1788
Zollinger, Albin Poet 1895-1941
Zöllner, Andreas Composer, Poet 1811-1862
Zöllner, Heinrich Composer 1854-1941
Zöllner, Karl Friedrich Composer 1800-1860
Zöllner, Karl Heinrich Composer 1792-1836
Zöllner, Wolfram Composer, Arranger 1931-1988
Zöllner, Wolfram Composer, Arranger 1931-1988
Zoozmann, Richard Poet 1863-1934
Zorg, Willy Poet 1914-
Zschiesche, Alfred Composer, Poet, Arranger, Publisher 1908-1992
Zschokke, Heinrich Poet 1771-1848
Zuccalmaglio, Wilhelm von Composer, Poet 1803-1869
Zuckermann, Hugo Poet 1881-1914
Zuckmayer, Carl Poet 1896-1977
Zuckmayer, Eduard Composer, Poet, Arranger 1890-1972
Zuckowski, Rolf Composer, Poet 1947-
Zulehner, Carl Composer 1805-1847
Zumbroich, Eberhard Maria Composer, Poet 1933-1014
Zumbroock, Ferdinand Composer, Poet 1816-1890
Zumsteeg, Emilie Composer 1796-1857
Zumsteeg, Johann Rudolf Composer, Poet 1760-1802
Zundel, Johannes Composer 1815-1882
Zündorf, Robert Composer, Poet 1896-1943
Zurmühlen, Hans Poet 1847-
Zuschneid, Hugo Composer, Poet 1861-1932
Zuschneid, Karl Composer 1854-1926
Zutavern, Albert Poet 1877-1968
Zwanzleitner, Ernst Composer, Poet, Arranger 1956-
Zweibarth, O. Arranger 1902-
Zweig, Stefan Poet 1881-1942
Zweter, Reinmar von Poet 1210-1250
Zwick, Johannes Composer, Poet 1496-1542
Zwing, Johann Michael Composer 1783-1829
Zwingli, Huldreich Composer, Poet 1484-1531
Zwingli, Huldrych Composer, Poet 1484-1531
Zwingli, Ulrich Composer, Poet 1484-1531
Zwyssig, Alberic Composer, Arranger 1795-1854
Zwyssig, Alberik Composer, Arranger 1795-1854