Composers and Poets

On this page it is possible to see when many of the poets and composers, whose work is contained in the archive lived. The list is incomplete since only those artists whose dates were available are shown here. Searches for other composers and poets should be done through the Contents database.

Once a search is undertaken, clicking on a name will show the artists body of work contained in the archive.


Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates
Taddel, Christian Ludwig Poet 1706-1775
Tafratshofer, Johann Baptist Poet -1889
Tagore, Rabindranath Poet 1861-1941
Tallis, Thomas Composer 1510-1593
Tanner, Carl Rudolf Poet 1794-1849
Tannhäuser Poet 1200-1270
Taubert, Ernst Eduard Composer 1838-1934
Taubert, Otto Composer, Poet 1833-1903
Taubert, Wilhelm Composer, Poet 1811-1891
Tauler, Johannes Composer, Poet 1300-1361
Teike, Carl Albert Hermann Poet 1864-1944
Telemann, Georg Philipp Composer, Poet, Arranger 1681-1767
Tepp, Max Composer, Poet 1891-1975
Tersteegen, Gerhard Composer, Poet 1697-1769
Teschner, Melchior Composer, Poet 1584-1635
Teuscher, Hans Composer, Poet 1907-1961
Thalberg, Sigismund Composer 1812-1871
Thate, Albert Composer 1903-1982
Thebesius, Adam Poet 1596-1652
Theissing, Johannes Composer, Poet 1912-1947
Thevenet, Fritz Poet 1894-1936
Thiel, Carl Composer, Poet, Arranger 1862-1939
Thiele, Richard Composer 1847-1903
Tiele-Winckler, Eva von Poet 1866-1930
Thiersch, Bernhard Poet 1793-1855
Thill, Christian Composer, Poet 1859-1922
Thilman, Johannes Paul Composer 1900-1973
Thilo, Valentin Poet 1607-1662
Thoma, Hans Poet 1839-1939
Thoma, Ludwig Poet 1867-1921
Thomas, Kurt Composer, Poet, Arranger 1904-1973
Thomsen, Grimur Poet 1820-1896
Thomson, James Composer, Poet 1700-1748
Thouret, Georg Composer 1855-1924
Thuille, Ludwig Composer 1861-1907
Thum, Heinz Composer 1890-1948
Thümmel, Moritz August Poet 1738-1817
Thunman, Olof Poet 1879-1944
Thurmair, Georg (Thomas Klausner) Poet 1909-1984
Tieck, Ludwig Poet 1773-1853
Tiedge, Christoph August Poet 1752-1841
Tiessen, Heinz Composer 1887-1971
Tietze, Christoph Poet 1641-1703
Timmer, Wolfgang (Köchl) Composer, Poet 1948-
Tisken, Rudolf Poet 1910-
Titoff, Nicolai Alexejewitsch Composer 1800-1875
Titz, Johann Peter Poet 1619-1689
Tobler, Johann Heinrich Composer 1777-1838
Tode, Heinrich Julius Poet 1733-1797
Todi, Giacopone da Poet 1233-1306
Tolkien, J.R.R. Poet 1892-1973
Toller, Ernst Poet 1893-1939
Tomer, William Gould Composer 1833-1896
Toplady, Augustus Montague Poet 1740-1778
Tosti, Francesco Paolo Composer 1846-1916
Towner, Daniel Brink Composer 1850-1920
Träder, Willi Composer, Poet, Arranger 1920-1981
Träger, Albert Poet 1830-1912
Trakl, Georg Poet 1887-1914
Translateur, Siegfried Composer 1875-1944
Traub, Friedrich Poet 1873-1906
Trautwein, Dieter Composer, Poet 1928-2002
Traven, B. Poet 1890-1969
Treitschke, Heinrich von Poet 1834-1896
Tribbechow, Johann Poet 1677-1712
Trinius, August Poet 1851-1919
Trojan, Johannes Poet 1837-1915
Trommer, David Composer 1640-1719
Truhn, Friedrich Hieronymus Composer 1811-1886
Trunk, Richard Composer 1879-1968
Tschaikowski, Peter Composer 1840-1893
Tschampel, Heinrich Composer 1799-1849
Tscherning, Andreas Poet 1611-1659
Tschirch, Rudolf Composer 1825-1872
Tschirch, Wilhelm Composer 1818-1892
Tucholsky, Kurt Composer 1890-1935
Türk, Daniel Gottlob Composer 1756-1813
Turnhout, Gerard de Composer 1520-1580
Twittenhoff, Wilhelm Composer, Poet, Arranger 1904-1969
Tylman, Gustav Composer -1564
Theilmann, Georg Poet 1886-1969
Theuermeister, Robert (Karl Albert Schöllenbach) Poet 1882-1945
Tiehsen, Otto Composer 1817-1849
Tollmann, Gottfried Poet 1680-1766
Teich, Otto Composer 1866-1935
Täglichsbeck, Thomas Composer 1799-1867
Teßmer, Erich Poet 1896-1947
Tompa, Ernest Composer 1867-1940
Tischer, Johann Nikolaus Composer 1706-1770
Torneck, Harro Poet 1915-2003
Trubel, Gerhard Poet 1917-2004
Travis, Merle Composer, Poet 1917-1983
Traven, Bruno Poet 1890-1926
Thörner, Otto Poet 1873-1945
Thurn, Karl Composer 1808-1893
Thoma, Rudolf Composer 1829-1908
Trinius, Karl Bernhard von Poet 1773-1844
Thiele, Alfred Composer 1902-1982
Timm, Hein Composer, Poet 1908-1985
Tieck, Gustav Composer, Poet o.A.
Thurban, T.W. Composer 1874-1969
Twardy, Werner Composer 1926-1977
Thörner, Fritz Poet 1869-1940
Tilgner, Wolfgang Poet 1932-2011
Taki, Rentaro Composer 1879-1903
Takano, Tatsuyuki Poet 1876-1947
Theodorakis, Mikis Composer, Poet 1925-
Treber, Friedrich Composer, Poet 1943-
Teichen, Hans Rudolf Composer o.A.
Track, Ernst Poet 1911-1987
Tobias, Harry Poet 1895-1994
Trenet, Charles Composer, Poet 1913-2001
Tenne, Otto Composer, Poet 1904-1971
Tegner, Alice Composer 1864-1943
Talbot, Neville S. Poet 1879-1943
Trevelyan, Humphrey Poet 1905-1985
Triller, Valentin Composer, Poet 1493-1573
Thysius, Johann Composer, Poet, Publisher 1622-1653
Thommen, Johannes Composer 1711-1783
Trill, Bob Composer, Poet 1912-1979
Tibbles, George Composer, Poet 1913-1987
Tschudi, Johann Heinrich Composer, Poet 1670-1729
Tinectoris, Joannes Composer ca. 1446-1511
Tauwitz, Eduard Composer, Arranger 1812-1894
Thoma, Albrecht Poet 1844-1915
Tinctoris, Johannes Composer 1435-1511
Thoma, Ernst Composer, Poet 1955-
Thieme, Alfred Poet 1899-1954
Toggenburg, Graf Kraft von Poet 1251-1275
Teuber, Alfons Poet 1903-1971
Thrasolt, Ernst Poet 1878-1945
Tetmeier, Tanja (ratz) Composer, Poet 1965-
Technau, Holger (ruski) Composer, Poet 1971-
Tomasik, Samo Poet 1813-1887
Teggers, Heribert Poet 1983-1966
Thomas, Ambrosius Composer 1811-1896
Teichmann, Hans Composer 1888-1961
Tisch, Siegfried Poet 1905-1981
Thurmair, Georg Poet 1909-1984
Thoma, Annette Composer, Poet 1886-1974
Tschirsch, Egon Poet 1889-1848
Tappan, William Bingham Poet 1794-1849
Thierer, Georg Composer, Poet 1853-1923
Trantow, Herbert Composer 1903-1993
Tulikow, Serafim Composer 1914-2004
Teichgräber, Ludwig Composer 1840-1904
Trümpelmann, Max Composer, Poet 1870-1926
Tenner, Karl Christian Poet 1791-1866
Tangermann, Heino Poet 1910-1988
Terese de Jesus (Therese von Avila) Poet 1515-1582
Tindley, Charles Albert Composer, Poet 1859-1933
Tobler, Robert Composer 1937-2019
Tober-Zeltner, Eva-Maria Poet 1931-
Thomspon, Will L. Composer, Poet 1847-1909
Towler, Charles L. Composer, Poet 1939-
Taylor, Allan Composer, Poet 1945-
Tinel, Jef Composer 1885-1972
Tetterode, Lambert Adriaan van Composer 1858-1931
Tinel, Edgar Composer 1854-1912
Tagle Lara, Benjamin Composer 1892-1932
Trake, Georg Poet 1887-1914
Toch, Ernst Composer 1887-1964
Trapp, Max Composer 1887-1971
Theringsohn, Heinz (Horst Heinz Henning) Composer, Poet 1920-1998
Tittmann, Martin Poet 1888-1968
Topelius, Zacharias Composer, Poet 1818-1898
Taylor, Bayard Poet 1825-1878
Türk, Carl Composer, Arranger 1866-1945
Tannen, Karl Poet 1827-1904
Tandler, Max Poet 1895-1982
Tschirch, Julius Composer 1820-1867
Tschierpe, Rudolph Poet 1893-1959
Thomas, Ambroise Composer 1811-1896
Tucholsky, Kurt Poet 1890-1935
Tarnow, Rudolf Poet 1867-1933
Tschirch, Egon Poet 1889-1948
Tsitsanis, Vassilis Composer, Poet 1915-1984
Tetzner, Franz Poet 1862-1919
Thiessen, Heinz Arranger 1897-1971
Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates