Composers and Poets

On this page it is possible to see when many of the poets and composers, whose work is contained in the archive lived. The list is incomplete since only those artists whose dates were available are shown here. Searches for other composers and poets should be done through the Contents database.

Once a search is undertaken, clicking on a name will show the artists body of work contained in the archive.


Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates
Notker Balbulus von Sankt Gallen Composer, Poet 840-912
Nola, Giovanni Domenico da Composer, Poet 1510-1592
Nachmann, Kurt Poet 1915-1984
Nachtenhöfer, Kaspar Friedrich Poet 1624-1685
Nägeli, Hans Georg Composer, Poet, Arranger 1773-1836
Nanini, Giovanni Maria Composer 1570-1607
Napiersky, Herbert Composer, Poet 1904-1987
Nathusius, Maria von Composer, Poet 1817-1857
Natschinski, Gerd Composer 1928-2015
Naue, Johann Friedrich Composer 1787-1858
Naumann, Johann Gottlieb Composer 1741-1801
Naumilkat, Hans Composer, Poet 1919-1994
Neander, Joachim Composer, Poet 1650-1680
Neander, P. Composer 1608-1645
Nehring, Johann Christian Poet 1671-1736
Neiffen, Gottfried von Poet 1234-1255
Neithardt, August Heinrich Composer 1793-1861
Nelin, Maria Poet 1847-1920
Nelson, Rudolf Composer 1878-1960
Neruda, Pablo Poet 1904-1973
Nesselmann, Roderich Poet 1815-1881
Neßler, Victor Ernst Composer 1841-1890
Nestler, Friedrich Composer 1800-1876
Netz, Hans-Jürgen Poet 1954-
Neubauer, Georg Composer 1876-1943
Neubert, Reinhold Composer 1911-1971
Neuenhaus, Johannes Poet 1849-1929
Neukomm, Siegmund Ritter von Composer 1778-1858
Neumaier, Ferdinand Composer, Poet 1890-1969
Neumann, Johann Philipp Poet 1774-1849
Neumann, Kaspar Poet 1648-1715
Neumann, Klaus L. Composer 1920-
Neumann, Klemens Poet 1873-1928
Neumark, Georg Composer, Poet 1621-1681
Neumeister, Erdmann Poet 1671-1756
Neuner, Karl Composer 1778-1830
Neunhertz, Johann Poet 1652-1737
Neuß, Heinrich Georg Composer, Poet 1654-1716
Nevin, Ethelbert Composer 1862-1901
Newmann, John Henry Poet 1801-1890
Neusidler, Hans (Hans Newsidler) Composer 1508-1563
Neusidler, Melchior (Melchior Newsidler) Composer 1531-1590
Newton, John Poet 1725-1803
Nicolai, Emil Poet 1862-
Nicolai, Friedrich Composer, Poet, Publisher 1733-1811
Nicolai, Otto von Composer 1810-1849
Nicolai, Philipp Composer, Poet, Publisher 1556-1608
Niebusch, Karl von (Karl Friedrich Theodor Schneider) Poet 1821-1895
Niedling, Johannes Poet 1602-1668
Niege, Georg Poet 1525-1588
Niel, Herms Composer, Poet 1888-1954
Nielsen, Karl Composer 1865-1931
Nielsen, Meinert Poet 1905-
Niemann, August Poet 1761-1832
Niemann, Walter Composer 1876-1953
Niemeyer, August Hermann Poet 1754-1828
Nietzsche, Friedrich Poet 1844-1900
Niggli, Friedrich Composer 1875-1959
Nitsch, Rolf Poet 1920-1984
Nitsche, Paul Composer 1909-1985
Nitschke, Wolfgang Composer 1934-1972
Nitschmann, Anna Poet 1715-1760
Noack, Christian Ludwig Composer, Poet 1767-1821
Noetel, Konrad Friedrich Composer, Arranger 1903-1947
Nohl, Hermann 1879-1960
Nonne, Johann Heinrich Christian Poet 1785-1853
Nora, A. de (Anton Alfred Noder) Poet 1864-1936
Nordraak, Rikard Composer 1842-1866
Nostitz und Jänkersdorf, Gottlob Adolf Ernst von (Arthur vom Nordstern) Poet 1765-1836
Norman, Larry Composer 1947-2008
Novaro, Michele Composer 1822-1885
Nowottny, Gerhard Composer, Arranger 1920-1942
Nunez, Rafael Poet 1825-1894
Nunn, Marianne Poet 1778-1847
Nuno, Jaime Composer 1824-1908
Nursia, Benedikt von Poet 480 - 547
Nyberg, Julia Poet 1785-1854
Neubrand, Heinz Composer 1921-1998
Niedurny, Max Poet 1875-1940
Nagel, Wilhelm Composer 1871-1955
Neumann, Mathieu Composer 1867-1928
Neuhofer, Franz Karl Composer 1870-1949
Neuhäuser, Josef Composer 1890-1949
Nesitka, Johanna Composer, Poet, Arranger 1919-2007
Nash, Graham Composer, Poet 1942-
Nobach, Nils Composer, Poet 1918-1985
Nakamura, Hachidai Composer 1931-1992
North, Frank Mason Poet 1830-1935
Neale, John Mason Poet 1818-1866
Nashe, Thomas Poet 1567-1601
Nellius, Georg Composer, Arranger 1891-1952
Naumann, Eugen Composer 1874-1939
Nierentz, Hans Jürgen Poet 1909-1995
Nobis, Herbert Composer 1941-
Nevin, Ethelbert Composer 1862-1901
Norlen, Hakan Composer 1917-2003
Nößler, Eduard Composer 1863-1943
Nagler, Franciscus Composer, Poet 1873-1957
Nick, Edmund Composer 1891-1974
Nebhut, Ernst Poet 1898-1974
Natzler, Leopold Composer, Poet 1860-1926
Neumann, Egon Composer 1894-1948
Nästelberger, Robert Poet 1886-1942
Neubach, Ernst Poet o.A.
Niessen, Josef Composer 1922-1994
Nützlader, Rudolf Composer 1885-
Nesbit, Edith Poet 1858-1924
Niemann, Charlotte Composer 1915-2013
Neumeyer, Fritz Composer 1900-1983
Nau, Karl-Heinz Composer 1921-2011
Naaf, Anton August Poet 1850-1918
Nänny, Johann Konrad Poet 1783-1847
Niederfrininger, Gernot Composer, Poet 1974-
Nauwach, Johann Composer ca. 1595-1630
Nork, Friedrich Poet 1803-1850
Neuhofer, Gerhard Adam Poet 1773-1816
Neuffer, Christian Ludwig Poet 1769-1839
Nowak, Erhard Composer, Poet 1935-
Nykrin, Rudolf Composer, Poet 1947-
Neefe, Christian Gottlob Composer 1748-1798
Nystrom, Martin Composer, Poet 1956-
Nörminger, August Composer, Poet, Publisher 1560-1613
Nichol, Henry Ernest Composer 1862-1926
Nassauen, Wilhelm von Composer 1533-1584
Nassauen, Wilhelmus von Composer 1533-1584
Nassouwen, Wilhelmus von Composer 1533-1584
Naumilkat, Ilse Composer, Poet 1917-1999
Neukirchner, Wolfgang (Sigi Mahr)) Composer, Poet 1923-2017
Neuenburg, Graf Rudolf von Poet -1196
Neufen, Gottfried von Poet ca. 1230-1255
Neumann, Klaus Günter Composer, Poet 1920-1995
Neuendorff, Adolf Composer 1843-1897
Nägele, Eugen Poet 1856-1937
Neander, Christoph Friedrich Poet 1724-1802
Nerreter, David Poet 1649- 1726
Naich, Hubert Composer ca. 1513-1546
Neumann, Friedrich Composer 1915-1989
Natorp, Paul Composer 1854-1923
Niveling, Hans Willy Poet 1866-1921
Necke, Hermann Composer 1850-1912
Ney, Eduard Poet 1841-
Nagel, Matthias Composer 1958-
Neubert, Gottfried Composer, Poet 1926-1983
Nievergelt, Edwin Poet 1917-2010
Nitsch, Johannes Composer 1953-2002
Nooter, Jan Poet 1922-1997
Nieveling, Wilhelm Composer 1876-1941
Nesmüller, Josef Ferdinand Composer 1818-1895
Nietleben, Friedrich August Körner von Poet 1818-1888
Nitschke, Gudrun Composer, Arranger, Publisher 1975-
Nachenius, Jan Coenraad Poet 1890-1987
Nijlen, Jan van Poet 1884-1965
Nettelmann, Georg Composer 1902-1988
Newmann, Herbert Composer, Poet 1925-
Narholz, Gerhard Composer 1937-
Neubauer, Friedrich Poet 1886-
Novello, Clara Composer 1818-1908
Neumann, Emil Composer 1834-1901
Nacke, Max Composer, Poet 1883-1958
Neukirchner, Wolfgang (Josua Röckelein) Composer, Poet 1923-2017
Neukirchner, Wolfgang (Sigi Mahr) Composer, Poet 1923-2017
Neukirchner, Wolfgang Composer, Poet 1923-2017
Noack, Friedrich Composer, Arranger 1858-1920
Nohr, Christian Friedrich Composer 1800-1875
Neese, Heinrich Composer 1846-1920
Nehm, Günther Poet 1926-2009
Nowikow, Anatoli Composer 1896-1984
Neuendorff, Edmund Poet 1875-1961
Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates