Composers and Poets

On this page it is possible to see when many of the poets and composers, whose work is contained in the archive lived. The list is incomplete since only those artists whose dates were available are shown here. Searches for other composers and poets should be done through the Contents database.

Once a search is undertaken, clicking on a name will show the artists body of work contained in the archive.


Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates
Caba, Nora Composer 1925-
Cäcilie Großherzogin von Oldenburg Composer 1807-1844
Caldara, Antonio Composer 1670-1736
Caldbeck, Georg Thomas Composer 1852-1912
Cale, Walter Poet 1881-1904
Call, Leonhard von Composer 1779-1815
Calvisius, Sethus Composer 1556-1615
Calzabigi, Ranieri de Poet 1714-1795
Camerarius, Joachim Poet 1500-1574
Campe, Joachim Heinrich Poet 1746-1818
Campenhout, Francois van Composer 1779-1848
Candidus, Karl Poet 1817-1872
Canitz, Friedrich Rudolf Ludwig Freiherr von Poet 1654-1699
Capua, Eduardo di Composer 1865-1917
Carcassi, Matteo Composer 1792-1853
Carey, Henry Composer, Poet 1663-1743
Carnicer, Ramon Composer 1789-1855
Carossa, Hans Poet 1878-1956
Carste, Hans Composer, Poet 1909-1971
Carter, Sydney Composer 1914-2004
Carulli, Fernando Composer 1770-1841
Carus, Julius Viktor Poet 1823-1902
Cash, Johnny Composer, Poet 1932-2003
Castelli, Ignaz Franz Poet 1780-1862
Celander, (Johann Georg Gressel) Poet 1675-1771
Certon, Pierre Composer 1532-1572
Chemin-Petit, Hans Composer, Arranger 1902-1981
Chemnitz, Matthäus Friedrich Poet 1815-1870
Chenier, Marie-Joseph Poet 1764-1811
Cherubini, Luigi Composer, Poet 1760-1842
Chezy, Helmine von Poet 1783-1856
Chmela, Horst Composer, Poet 1939-
Chopin, Frederic Composer 1809-1849
Christ, Hans Poet 1914-1985
Christen, Ada Poet 1839-1901
Christiansen, C.P. Poet 1855-1922
Christow, Dobri Poet 1875-1941
Chwatal, Franz Xaver Composer, Arranger 1808-1879
Cimarosa, Domenico Composer 1749-1801
Claar, Emil Poet 1842-1930
Clark, Alexander Poet 1834-1881
Clarke, Jeremiah Composer 1670-1707
Claudius, Georg Karl Composer, Poet 1757-1815
Claudius, Hermann Poet 1878-1981
Claudius, Matthias Poet 1740-1815
Clauer, F.G. Composer 1827-1854
Clausnitzer, Tobias Poet 1618-1684
Clemens, Adolf Composer 1909-1942
Clemens, Gottfried Poet 1706-1776
Clephane, Elizabeth Cecilia Poet 1830-1869
Cluff, Samuel O'Malley Gore Poet 1837-1910
Codner, Elisabeth Poet 1823-1919
Coghill, Annie Louisa Poet 1836-1907
Collin, Heinrich von Poet 1771-1811
Commer, Franz Composer 1813-1887
Conkey, Ithamar Composer 1815-1867
Conrad, Michael Georg Poet 1846-1927
Conradi, August Composer, Poet 1821-1873
Conradi, Hermann Poet 1862-1890
Converse, Charles Crozat Composer 1834-1918
Conz, Karl Philipp Poet 1762-1827
Corelli, Arcangelo Composer 1653-1713
Cornelius, Peter Composer, Poet 1824-1874
Corner, David Gregor Publisher 1585-1648
Cornet, Julius Composer 1793-1860
Costeley, Guillaume Composer 1531-1606
Cotta, Johannes Composer 1794-1868
Cottrau, Teodoro Composer, Poet 1827-1879
Couperin, Francois Composer 1668-1733
Couperin, Louis Composer 1630-1665
Cowper, William Poet 1731-1800
Coxe, Arthur Cleveland Poet 1818-1896
Crafts, Wilbur Fisk Poet 1850-1922
Crailsheim, Freiherr von Poet 1727-1794
Cramer, Carl Poet 1807-1860
Cramer, Carl Gottlieb Poet 1758-1817
Cramer, Johann Andreas Poet 1723-1788
Cramm, Walter Composer, Poet 1895-1956
Crasselius, Bartholomäus Poet 1667-1724
Croce, Giovanni Composer 1560-1609
Croft, William Composer 1678-1727
Cronegk, Friedrich von Poet 1731-1758
Crosby, Frances Jane (Fanny Crosby) Poet 1820-1915
Crüger, Johann Composer, Arranger 1598-1662
Crusius, Otto E. Composer, Poet 1892-1965
Curschmann, Karl Friedrich Composer 1804-1841
Curtius, Julius Poet 1802-1849
Curwen, John Composer 1816-1880
Cushing, William Orcutt Poet 1823-1902
Cyprys, Werner (Jack Terry) Composer, Poet 1922-2000
Cyriakus, Günther Poet 1650-1704
Czapek, Richard Composer 1913-1997
Czibulka, Alfons Composer 1842-1894
Chevallier, H. Composer 1848-1908
Clairvaux, Bernhard von Poet 1090-1153
Constabel, Hermann Composer 1932-
Castendyck, Wilhelm Poet 1824-1895
Christoph, Anton Composer 1610-1658
Cook, Eliza Poet 1818-1889
Christel, Karl Albert Composer, Poet 1907-1977
Cockenpot, Francine Composer, Poet 1918-2001
Casey, John Keegan Poet 1846-1870
Chamisso, Adelbert von Composer, Poet 1781-1838
Commenda, Hans Composer, Poet 1889-1971
Christandl, Norbert Composer, Poet 1928-
Callander, Peter Composer, Poet 1939-2014
Clarke, Allan Composer, Poet 1942-
Colpet, Max Poet 1905-1998
Cole, Nat King Composer, Poet 1919-1965
Churai, Marusai Composer, Poet 1626-1689
Crost, William Composer 1678-1727
Campenhausen-Bassermann, Maria von Poet 1876-1953
Castelli, J. Poet 1826-1862
Cowler, Jim Composer 1899-1964
Conrads, Heinz Poet 1913-1986
Cave, Nick Composer 1957-
Connelly, Reg Poet 1895-1963
Cornelissen, Thilo Composer, Poet 1904-1965
Clauss, Arno Composer, Poet o.A.
Caerts, Leo Composer, Poet 1931-
Carell, Rudi Composer, Poet 1934-2006
Chaplin, Charles Composer, Poet 1889-1977
Cremer, Hans Martin Poet 1880-1941
Consiglio, Mario Composer 1907-1975
Czermak, Josef Poet 1814-
Clement, Jane Tyson Poet 1917-2000
Cennick, John Poet 1718-1755
Crowell, Grace Noll Poet 1877-1969
Cooper, George Poet 1840-1927
Chitty, A.W.I. Composer, Poet 1901-1954
Clemm, J.B.O. Composer 1855-1927
Chadwick, G.W. Composer 1854-1931
Campbell, Joseph Poet 1904-1987
Chaucer, Geoffrey Poet ca. 1342-1400
Curtis, Christine Turner Poet 1891-
Chalmers, P.R. Poet 1872-1942
Casciolini, Claudio Composer 1697-1760
Choinaus, Siegfried Composer 1887-1954
Coquatrix, Bruno Composer, Poet 1910-1979
Cherubini, Bixio Composer, Poet 1899-1987
Cosmar, Alexander Poet 1805-1842
Cavalieri, Emilio dei Composer ca. 1550-1602
Caccini, Giulio Composer ca. 1550-1618
Carter, Maybelle Composer, Poet 1909-1978
Celbo, Bruno H. Poet 1853-
Cordans, B. Composer 1680-1757
Coussemaker, Edmond de Composer, Poet 1805-1876
Corrinth, Curt Poet 1894-1960
Cornelius, Wilhelm Poet 1809-
Cappilleri, Wilhelm Poet 1834-1905
Cassel, Paulus Stephanus Poet 1821-1892
Chinery, Philip (chip) Composer, Poet 1982-
Chagla, Ahmad G. Composer 1902-1953
Chrysander, Friedrich Poet, Publisher 1826-1901
Calzabigi, Ranieri da Poet 1714-1795
Claudius, Otto Composer 1794-1877
Cantieni, Robert Composer 1873-1954
Capito, Wolfgang Poet 1478-1541
Czikeli, Michael Composer 1847-1929
Conrad, Johannes Composer 1871-1957
Celano, Thomas von Poet ca. 1190-1255
Crecquillon, Thomas Composer 1505-1557
Choron, Alexandre Etienne Composer 1771-1834
Cunrad, Christiana Poet 1591-1625
Clark, William H. Poet 1854-1925
Chisholm, Thomas Obadiah Poet 1866-1960
Colom, Alfredo M. Composer, Poet 1904-1971
Clayton, Norman J. Composer, Poet 1903-1992
Campbell, Thomas Composer 1777-1844
Cole, Adelaide A. Poet 1862-1934
Clark, Eugene L. Composer, Poet 1925-1982
Carr, Benjamin Composer 1769-1831
Carrier, Larry Composer 1945-2016
Cherry, Edith Gilling Brown Poet 1872-1897
Cartford, Gerhard Poet 1923-2016
Conder, Josiah Poet 1789-1855
Castelle, Friedrich Poet 1879-1954
Clercq, Rene de Composer, Poet 1877-1932
Candael, Carel Composer 1883-1948
Cort, Frans de Poet 1834-1878
Cluytens, Andre Composer 1905-1967
Celliers, Jan F.E. Poet 1865-1940
Carson, Jenny Lou Composer, Poet 1915-1978
Corzilius, Viktor Composer 1895-1968
Cortopassi, Domenico Composer 1875-1961
Casucci, Leonello Composer 1885-1975
Cestnik, Hans (Hans Busch) Composer 1909-1996
Curtis, Ernesto de Composer 1875-1937
Caesar, Irving Poet 1895-1996
Casiroli, Nino Composer 1919-1975
Charly Niessen (Heino Gaze) Composer, Poet 1908-1967
Calderon, Juan Carlos Composer, Poet 1938-2012
Cunradus, Caspar Poet 1571-1633
Cratzius, Barbara Poet 1925-
Carsten, Heinrich Composer, Poet 1824-1910
Chalmers, Patrick Reginald Poet 1872-1942
Christel, Karl Albert Composer, Poet 1907-1977
Cursch-Bühren, Theodor Franz Poet 1859-1908
Calmberg, Adolf Poet 1837-1887
Clewing, Carl Composer, Poet 1884-1954
Chasmindo (Simon Dach) Poet 1605-1659
Capilupi, Gemignano Composer 1573-1616
Christ, E. Poet 1605-1681
Cordovil, Herve Composer, Poet 1914-1979
Carter, June Composer, Poet 1929-2003
Cohen, Leonard Composer, Poet 1934-1016
Clodius, Christian Composer, Poet, Publisher 1647-1717
Ciri, Peter Composer, Poet 1939-
Charon, Alexander Etienne Composer 1771-1834
Crowley, Jimmy Poet 1950-
Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates