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German folk songs - the first section contains folksongs from the series 'Lieder aus dem Leben und Lieben unseres Volkes'.
Own compositions - my own compositions and those of Karl Weymann.
International - recordings from various world trips.
German Yule and Christmas songs - songs and music played and sung by the White Rock Sandpipers.

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German folk songs
DL101Kein schöner Land€8,00 Add to cart
DL102Die Blümelein sie schlafen€8,00 Add to cart
DL103Du sonnige, wonnige Welt€8,00 Add to cart
DL104Komm, lieber Mai€8,00 Add to cart
DL105Zum Lob des Bauernstandes€8,00 Add to cart
DL106Wir sind jung, die Welt ist offen€8,00 Add to cart
DL107Flamme empor€8,00 Add to cart
DL108Wohlauf, Kameraden, aufs Pferd€8,00 Add to cart
DL109In einem kühlen Grunde€8,00 Add to cart
DL110Die Gedanken sind frei€8,00 Add to cart
DL111Freut euch des Lebens€8,00 Add to cart
DL112Laß uns auf die Wiese gehn€8,00 Add to cart
DL113Deutsche Kinderlieder€8,00 Add to cart

Own compositions
DL114Der Nebel steigt€8,00 Add to cart

These CD contains material which I recorded on extensive world travels.

For me, the main reason for travel is to heighten my sense of belonging to the pageant that is the world. To feel the flow of cultures as one travels around the globe and experience varied belief and value systems, some with a very different attitude to life itself, is at the core of attaining tolerance and gaining a full appreciation of the splendour of this global heritage.
As the cultural pageant unfolds around a traveller, a truly open heart and mind are necessary in order to genuinely feel communion with this wonderful dance'. To me, that is the purpose of travelling.

The push towards economic, cultural and political globalization threatens to smother the cultural heritage that societies have evolved over eons of time. This creeping ‚One World' movement cloaked in so called 'western values' has already weakened or obliterated indigenous traditions in many societies.
May nations find the national resolve to remain as distinct petals of the flower that is our world, so that their cultural traditions, represented in these recordings, may still be alive a hundred years from now!

DL115Music of the World€8,00 Add to cart
DL116Nazca Lines€8,00 Add to cart

Christmas and Yule songs.
DL117Die Julnacht€8,00 Add to cart
DL118Am Weihnachtsbaum die Lichter brennen€8,00 Add to cart