Composers and Poets

On this page it is possible to see when many of the poets and composers, whose work is contained in the archive lived. The list is incomplete since only those artists whose dates were available are shown here. Searches for other composers and poets should be done through the Contents database.

Once a search is undertaken, clicking on a name will show the artists body of work contained in the archive.


Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates
Pachelbel, Johann Composer 1653-1706
Pacius, Friedrich Composer 1809-1891
Packenius, Jakob Composer, Poet 1841-1903
Paganini, Niccolo Composer 1782-1840
Paisiello, Giovanni Composer 1740-1816
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da Composer 1526-1594
Palm, Emil Composer 1890-1963
Palma, Jose Poet 1876-1903
Palmer, Christian Composer 1811-1875
Paminger, Leonhard Composer 1495-1567
Pantycelyn, William Williams Poet 1717-1791
Paoli, Betty Poet 1796-1835
Papa, Clemens non Composer, Poet 1510-1556
Papier, Ludwig Composer, Poet 1829-1878
Paquet, Alphons Poet 1881-1944
Pardun, Arno Composer, Poet 1903-1943
Parera, Blas Composer, Poet 1777-1830
Parson, Petro Poet 1803-1878
Passereau, Pierre Composer, Poet ca.1508-1547
Pattberg, Auguste von Poet 1769-1850
Patzke, Johann Samuel Poet 1727-1787
Paul, Jonathan Poet 1853-1931
Pauli, Joachim Poet 1636-1708
Paulus, Carl Friedrich Poet 1843-1893
Paulus, Eduard Poet 1837-1907
Paulus, Johann Poet 1853-1931
Paumann, Conrad Composer 1410-1473
Pax, Karl Composer 1802-1867
Pepping, Ernst Composer 1901-1981
Perez, Jizschak Leib Poet 1851-1915
Perfall, Karl von Composer 1824-1907
Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista Composer 1710-1736
Perinet, Joachim Poet 1763-1816
Pestalozzi, Heinrich Poet 1746-1827
Peter, Christoph Composer 1701-1759
Peter, Ursel Poet 1923-1970
Peters, Adolf Poet 1803-1876
Peters, Peter Johann Composer 1820-1870
Petrak, Josef Poet 1908-1979
Petreius, Johannes Composer 1526-1550
Petsch, Kuno Composer 1923-1967
Petschke, Hermann Theobald Composer 1806-1888
Petzmayr, Johann (Heiligen Jean) Composer 1803-1884
Petzold, Alfons Poet 1882-1923
Petzold, Johannes Composer, Poet 1912-1985
Petzold, Karl Composer 1877-1949
Peuerl, Paul Composer, Poet 1570-1625
Peuschel, Otto Composer, Poet 1867-1932
Pez, Johann Christoph Composer 1664-1716
Pezelius, Johann Composer 1639-1694
Pfaff, Karl Poet 1795-1866
Pfanner, Adolf Composer 1897-1987
Pfau, Ludwig Composer, Poet 1821-1894
Pfeffel, Gottlieb Konrad Poet 1736-1809
Pfeifer, Christoph Poet 1689-1758
Pfeiffer, Hermann 1883-1964
Pfeil, Christoph Karl Ludwig von Poet 1712-1784
Pfeil, Friedrich Wilhelm Leopold Poet 1783-1859
Pfeil, Heinrich Composer, Poet 1835-1899
Pfitzner, Hans Composer 1869-1949
Pfizer, Gustav Poet 1807-1890
Pflanzl, Otto Poet 1865-1943
Pfusch, Ernst Composer 1864-1946
Picander-Henrici, (Christian Friedrich Henrici) Poet 1700-1764
Pichler, Adolf Poet 1819-1900
Pichler, Anton Poet 1874-1943
Pichler, Karoline Poet 1769-1843
Pichler, Cilli Poet 1922-
Piel, Peter Composer 1835-1904
Pierson, Heinrich Hugo Composer 1815-1873
Pilz, Hermann Poet 1856-1930
Pindar Composer 522-448 v. Chr.
Pinelli, Aldo von Poet 1912-1967
Pisari, Pasquale Composer 1725-1778
Pistorius, Alexander Hermann Poet 1811-1877
Planck, Karl Poet 1801-1825
Planes, Vincente Lopee y Poet 1784-1856
Platen, August Graf von Poet 1796-1835
Plattberg, Auguste von Poet 1769-1850
Plattner, Anton Poet 1787-1855
Plenzat, Karl Poet 1882-1945
Pleyer, Wilhelm Poet 1901-1974
Ploennies, Luise von Poet 1803-1872
Plüddemann, Martin Composer 1854-1897
Pocci, Franz Graf von Composer 1807-1876
Podbersky, Th. Composer 1846-1913
Pohl, Max Poet 1869-1928
Pohlenz, August Composer 1790-1847
Poidus, Balthasar Poet 1592-1654
Poll, Joseph Composer 1873-1955
Pommer, Helmuth Composer, Poet 1883-1967
Pommer, Josef Composer, Poet 1845-1918
Pompe, Gustav Adolf Poet 1831-1889
Poncelet, Johann Josef Poet 1810-1880
Ponchielli, Amilcare Composer 1834-1886
Pook, Günther Composer o. A.
Poos, Heinrich Composer, Poet 1928-
Poppe, Eberhard Christoph Poet 1804-1878
Poppe, Helga Poet 1939-
Poppelreuter, Hans (Hans Chardon) Composer, Poet 1912-2002
Poppen, Hermann Composer 1885-1956
Porumbescu, Ciprian Composer 1853-1883
Poseck, Julius Anton von Poet 1816-1896
Poser, Hans Composer, Poet 1917-1970
Pöthko, Gustav Ewald Composer 1821-1857
Pottier, Eugene Poet 1816-1887
Pötzsch, Arno Poet 1900-1956
Praetorius, Benjamin Poet 1636-1674
Praetorius, Michael Composer 1571-1621
Prager, Franz Poet 1897-1935
Pratensis, Jodocus Composer 1450-1521
Prätorius, Jakob Composer 1560-1629
Pregizer, Christian Gottlieb Poet 1751-1824
Preiswerk, Samuel Poet 1799-1871
Prentiß, Elisabeth Poet 1818-1878
Preradovic, Paula Poet 1881-1951
Pres, Josquin des Composer 1450-1521
Presber, Rudolf Poet 1868-1935
Preser, Karl Poet 1828-1910
Presley, Elvis Composer, Poet 1935-1977
Pressel, Gustav Composer 1827-1890
Preuschen, Hermione von Poet 1854-1918
Primisser, Johann Friedrich Poet 1757-1812
Proch, Heinrich Composer 1809-1878
Procopius von Templin Poet 1608-1680
Profes, Anton Composer 1896-1976
Prosel, Theo Poet 1889-1955
Prudentius, Aurelius Poet 350 - 405
Prümer, Karl Poet 1846-1933
Prutz, Robert Eduard Poet 1816-1872
Psaila, Carmelo (Dun Karm) Poet 1871-1961
Puchta, Heinrich Poet 1808-1858
Pudelko, Walther Composer, Poet 1901-1944
Purcell, Henry Composer 1658-1695
Purda, Charles Henry Composer 1799-1885
Püttlingen, Johann Vesque von (J. Hoven) Composer 1803-1883
Püttner, Franz Composer 1887-1964
Pyrker, Johann Ladislaus Poet 1772-1847
Pünzel Composer, Poet 1945-
Pallmann, Gerhard Composer, Poet 1906-1957
Piasecki, Sergiusz Poet 1899-1964
Praeger, Ferdinand Christian Wilhelm Composer 1815-1891
Petersen, Winfried Composer 1928-
Peter, Herbert Composer 1926-2010
Prigge, Klaus Composer 1891-1990
Piefke, Johann Gottfried Composer 1815-1884
Pamer, Micheal Composer 1782-1827
Peurl, Paul Composer ca. 1570-1625
Preisenhammer, Herbert Composer 1936-
Praetorius, Christoph Composer 1562-1609
Palmer, Ch. Composer 1811-1875
Peruchini, Giovanno Baptist Composer 1784-1870
Pleyer, Kleo Poet 1898-1942
Pichlbauer, Herbert Composer 1940-
Pateisky, Leopold Composer 1888-1950
Puschnig, Reiner Composer 1911-1992
Paulmichl, Herbert Composer 1934-
Preitz, Franz Composer 1856-1916
Pfliegler, Michael Composer, Poet 1891-1972
Perchthaler, Irene Poet 1948-
Pichler, Christine Poet 1951-
Price, Lloyd Composer, Poet 1933-
Prost, Felix Poet 1926-2007
Pomus, Doc Composer, Poet 1925-1991
Pauli, Kiem Composer 1882-1960
Pröger, Johannes Poet 1917-1922
Paasch, Leopold Composer 1912-1988
Perucchini, Giovanno Baptist Composer 1784-1870
Pfannenstiel, Ekkehart Composer o.A.
Pilz, Karl Philipp Emanuel Composer 1771-1810
Puschmann, Adam Poet 1532-1600
Prieß, Fritz Composer 1896-1969
Pape, Samuel Christian Poet 1774-1817
Pierpoint, Folliott S. Poet 1835-1917
Prechtl, Ludwig Composer 1865-1931
Pecci, Tomaso Composer 1576-1606
Plessow, Eric Composer 1899-1977
Preil, Paul Composer, Poet 1879-1951
Pastorius, Franz Melchior Poet 1651-1791
Pracht, Robert Composer 1878-1961
Prieß, Hartmut Composer 1942-
Preisegger, Hedi Composer 1951-
Pytlik, Markus Composer 1966-
Pappert, Robert Composer 1930-2010
Pedarnig, Florian Composer 1938-
Prüss, Rainer Composer, Poet 1945-
Plücker, Werner Poet 1901-
Pelosi, Don Composer o.A.
Pepöck, August Composer 1887-1967
Plato, Gerald Composer o.A.
Pichler, Franz Composer 1958-
Petzmayer, Johann Composer 1803-1884
Pick, Gustav Composer, Poet 1832-1921
Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates