Composers and Poets

On this page it is possible to see when many of the poets and composers, whose work is contained in the archive lived. The list is incomplete since only those artists whose dates were available are shown here. Searches for other composers and poets should be done through the Contents database.

Once a search is undertaken, clicking on a name will show the artists body of work contained in the archive.


Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates
La Rue, Pierre de la Composer ca.1460-1510
Lachenmann, Gottlob Composer 1845-1935
Lachner, Franz Composer 1803-1890
Lachner, Ignaz Composer 1803-1886
Lachner, Vincenz Composer 1811-1893
Lachner, Vinzenz Composer 1811-1893
Lackmann, Peter Poet 1659-1713
Lade, Hannelore Poet 1944-
Lahusen, Christian Composer, Poet 1886-1975
Laib, Johann Gottfried Composer 1806-1866
Lamatsch, Karl Composer 1919-1954
Lamberty, Muck Composer, Poet 1891-1984
Lampe, Erich Poet 1902-1940
Lampe, Friedrich Adolf Poet 1683-1729
Lampe, Günter Composer, Poet 1925-2003
Landaeta, Juan Jose Composer 1780-1814
Lang, Hans Composer, Poet 1897-1968
Lang, Heinrich Composer 1858-1919
Lang, Josephine Composer 1815-1880
Langbecker, Emanuel Christian Gottlieb Poet 1792-1843
Langbein, August Friedrich Poet 1757-1835
Lange, H. Gregor Poet 1540-1587
Lange, Horst Poet 1904-1971
Lange, Joachim Poet 1670-1744
Lange, Johann Peter Poet 1802-1884
Lange, Otto Heinrich Composer 1825-1887
Langenfeld, Friedrich Spee von Poet 1591-1635
Langenhoven, C. F. Poet 1873-1932
Langer, Hermann Composer 1819-1889
Langeweyde, Georg Sluytermann von Composer, Poet 1903-1978
Langhansen, Christian Erhard Poet 1750-1816
Langheinrich, Franz Poet 1864-1945
Langhoff, Wolfgang Poet 1901-1966
Langius, Gregor Composer 1540-1587
Langton, Stephan Poet ca. 1150-1228
Lanner, Josef Composer 1801-1843
Lansky, August Poet 1818-1897
Lappe, Karl Poet 1773-1843
Lascheit, Gerd Composer 1913-1942
Lasker-Schüler, Else Poet 1869-1945
Lasso, Orlando di Composer 1532-1594
Lattermann, Johann Gottfried Composer, Poet 1879-1950
Lattimore, W.O. Poet 1843-1899
Lau, Heinz Composer, Poet 1925-1975
Laub, Otto (Dänischer Bischof) Composer, Poet 1805-1882
Laub, Thomas Composer 1852-1927
Laube, Heinrich Poet 1806-1884
Laue, Claus Ludwig Poet 1917-1971
Lauer, Erich Composer 1911-1976
Laufenberg, Heinrich von Poet 1391-1460
Lauff, Joseph von Poet 1855-1933
Laugs, Robert Composer 1875-1942
Laurenti, Laurentius (Lorenz Lorensen) Poet 1660-1722
Lavallee, Calixa Composer 1842-1891
Lavater, Johann Kaspar Poet 1741-1801
Lawes, Henry Poet 1595-1662
Le Fort, Gertrud von Poet 1876-1971
Le Maistre, Mattheus Composer 1505-1577
Leadbetter, Huddie (Leadbelly) Composer, Poet 1888-1949
Leander, Richard Poet 1830-1889
Lechner, Hermi Composer, Poet 1930-
Lechner, Leonhard Composer 1553-1605
Lechthaler, Josef Composer 1891-1948
Lecuona, Ernesto Composer 1895-1963
Legrenzi, Giovanni Composer 1625-1690
Lehar, Franz Composer 1870-1948
Lehmann, Christian Composer 1954-
Lehmus, Johann Adam Poet 1707-1788
Lehn, Erwin Composer 1919-2010
Lehr, Leopold Franz Friedrich Poet 1709-1744
Leibinger, Karl Poet 1886-1947
Leibl, Karl Composer 1784-1870
Leifhelm, Hans Poet 1891-1947
Leip, Hans Poet 1893-1983
Leis, Otto (ottsch) Composer, Poet 1909-1984
Leisetrit, Johann Poet 1527-1586
Leitgeb, Josef Poet 1897-1952
Leitner, Gottfried Ritter von Poet 1800-1890
Lemlin, Lorenz Composer ca.1495-1540
Lenau, Nikolaus Poet 1802-1850
Lendvai, Erwin Composer 1882-1949
Lengerke, Cäsar von Poet 1803-1855
Lenthi, J.J. Poet 1799-1855
Lentz, Michel Poet 1820-1893
Lenz, A. Poet 1751-1792
Lenz, Karl Ludwig Poet 1807-1896
Leonhard, Luise Poet o. A.
Leopoldi, Hermann Composer 1888-1959
Lermontow, Michael Jurewitsch Poet 1814-1841
Lersch, Heinrich Poet 1889-1936
Leschke, Wilhelm Poet 1809-1893
Leser, Paul Poet 1899-1984
Lesser, Ludwig (Ludwig Liber) Poet 1802-1867
Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim Poet 1729-1781
Letscher, Abraham Poet 1574-1621
Leuthold, Heinrich Poet 1827-1879
Leuthy, Johann Jacob Poet 1798-1855
Leux, Leo Composer 1893-1951
Lewald, Emmi Poet 1866-1946
Lewalter, Philipp Composer 1846-
Licht, Ernst Composer 1892-1982
Lichtenstein, Ulrich von Poet ca. 1250-1275
Lichtwer, Magnus Gottfried Poet 1719-1983
Lieberkühn, Philipp Julius Poet 1754-1788
Liebich, Ehrenfried Poet 1713-1780
Liebig, Karl Composer 1886-1945
Liebknecht, Karl Poet 1871-1919
Lienert, Meinrad Poet 1865-1933
Lieth, Karl Ludwig Theodor Poet 1776-1850
Liliencron, Detlev von Poet 1844-1909
Lillo, Eusebio Poet 1826-1910
Limpach, Erich Poet 1899-1965
Lincke, Paul Composer 1866-1946
Lindau, Heinrich Poet 1879-1964
Lindblad, Otto Composer 1809-1864
Lindemann, Johann Poet 1549-1631
Lindemann, Wilhelm Composer, Poet 1882-1941
Lindenborn, Heinrich Poet 1706-1750
Linderer, Robert Poet 1824-1896
Lindpaintner, Peter Joseph von Composer 1791-1856
Lingg, Hermann Poet 1820-1905
Linke, Johannes Poet 1900-1945
Liscov, Salomo Poet 1640-1689
Liscow, Salomo Poet 1640-1689
Liß, Konrad Poet 1898-1967
Lissauer, Ernst Poet 1882-1937
Liszt, Franz Composer 1811-1886
Littrow, Heinrich von Poet 1820-1895
Llossas, Juan Composer 1900-1957
Lob, Otto Composer 1837-1908
Löben, Graf Heinrich Otto von Poet 1786-1825
Lobwasser, Ambrosius Poet 1515-1585
Locke, Matthew Composer 1621-1677
Lodenstein, Jodocus von Poet 1620-1677
Loerke, Oskar Poet 1884-1941
Loewe, Carl Composer, Poet 1796-1869
Loewen, Arnulf von Poet ca. 1200-1250
Loewenstern, Matthäus Apelles von Poet 1594-1648
Logau, Friedrich von Poet 1604-1655
Logy, Johann Anton Composer 1650-1721
Lohmann, Adolf Composer 1907-1983
Lohmann, Gustav Poet 1876-1967
Lohmeyer, Julius Poet 1835-1904
Löhner, Fritz (Beda) Poet 1883-1942
Lohse, Fred Composer 1908-1987
Lollo Baronin von Uslar-Gleichen Poet 1876-1923
Lomax, John Composer, Poet 1908-1974
Löns, Hermann Poet 1866-1914
Lorbeer, Hans Poet 1901-1973
Lörcher, Richard Poet 1907-1970
Lorens, Carl Composer, Poet 1851-1909
Lorenz, Emil Composer 1876-
Lortzing, Albert Composer 1801-1851
Löscher, Valentin Ernst Poet 1673-1749
Lossius, Kaspar Friedrich Poet 1753-1817
Lotti, Antonio Composer 1667-1740
Loube, Charles Composer 1907-1983
Loube, Karl Composer 1907-1983
Löwe, Feodor Poet 1816-1890
Löwenberg, Jakob Poet 1856-1929
Löwenstein, Matthäus Apelles von Composer, Poet 1594-1648
Löwenstein, Rudolf Poet 1819-1891
Löwenstern, Matthäus Apelles von Composer, Poet 1594-1648
Lowry, Robert Composer 1826-1899
Lübeck, Georg Philipp Schmidt von Poet 1766-1849
Lübeck, Vincent Composer 1654-1740
Lubrecht Poet 1808-1892
Ludwig l König von Bayern Poet 1786-1868
Ludwig, Fritz von Poet 1755-1811
Ludwig, Otto Poet 1813-1865
Ludwig, Paula Poet 1900-1974
Lully, Jean Baptiste Composer 1632-1687
Lundberg, Lars Ake Composer 1935-
Luserke, Martin 1880-1968
Lustig, Karl Poet 1861-
Luther, Martin Composer, Poet 1483-1546
Lüthi, Johann Composer, Poet 1800-1869
Lutz, Dora Composer, Poet 1910-
Lutz, Georg Poet 1818-1884
Lutz, Hans Composer 1914-2000
Lützel, Johann Heinrich Composer 1823-1899
Lux, Georg Poet 1818-1884
Lux, Georg Heinrich Composer 1779-1861
Luxemburg, Rosa Poet 1870-1919
Luz, Georg Poet 1818-1884
Lwoff, Alexis von Composer 1799-1870
Lyra, Justus Wilhelm Composer 1822-1882
Lyte, Henry Francis Poet 1793-1847
Lacalle, Jose Maria Composer 1860-1937
Loman, A.D. Poet 1824-1897
Löffler, Otto Composer 1871-
Lafite, Carl Composer 1872-1944
Lamy, Rudolf Composer 1905-1947
Limberg, Heribert Composer 1928-
Luhmann, Heinrich Poet 1890-1978
Lassel, Rudolf Composer 1861-1918
Löhner, Johann Composer 1645-1705
Laurenti, Laurentius (Lorenz Lorenzen) Poet 1660-1722
Ludecus, Matthäus Poet 1517-1606
Lerch, Abraham Composer 1814-1898
Leon, Johann Poet ca. 1530-1597
Lux, Hans Maria Poet 1900-1967
Laudan, Max Composer 1887-1964
Lausch, Ernst Composer 1836-1888
Lubrich sen., Fritz Composer 1862-1952
Lubrich, Fritz Composer, Poet 1888-1971
Lehnhardt, Julius Composer 1827-1913
Lindemann, Otto Composer 1879-1946
Lazarus, Gustav Composer 1861-1920
Liebleitner, Karl Composer 1858-1942
Lissmann, Kurt Composer 1902-1983
Lemacher, Heinrich Composer 1891-1966
Lauchard, Meinrad Composer, Poet 1942-
Lennon, John Composer, Poet 1940-1980
Lindt, Rudi Composer, Poet 1920-2000
Logan, Harold Composer, Poet -1969
Loose, Günter Poet 1927-2013
List, Rudolf Poet 1901-1979
Lüth, Tobby Poet 1921-1978
Leb, Hans Poet 1909-1961
Lohmann, Fritz Composer 1935-
Lorenz, Franz Poet 1901-1983
Lange, Gustav Composer 1830-1889
Lundt, Zacharias Poet 1608-1667
Lüthy, Johann Poet 1800-1869
Loosli, Carl Albert Poet 1877-1959
Longfellow, Samuel Poet 1819-1892
Löwe, Ludwig Poet 1795-1871
Leicht, Ferdinand Composer 1870-1922
Langer, Hans-Klaus Composer 1903-1987
Linkenbach, Hans Ludwig Poet 1876-1939
Lankau, Johanna Marie Poet 1866-1921
Lichtenstein, Alfred Poet 1889-1914
Langhans, Herbert Composer, Poet o.A.
Lemke, Grete Composer o.A.
Leonhardt, Luise Poet o.A.
Lorenz, Karl Composer, Poet o.A.
Lütge, Karl Poet 1875-
Lupi, Gemignani Capi Composer ca. 1560-1616
Lilibert (Elisabeth Bertram) Poet 1923-
Luksch, Rudi Composer o.A.
Lemmermann, Heinz Composer 1930-2007
Leuparts, Guy Composer 1917-
Luyaperts, Guy Composer 1917-
Linden, Dolf van der Composer 1915-1909
Lemmel, Hans Heinrich Poet 1890-1975
Leibl, Ernst Poet 1895-1982
Lage, Klaus Composer 1950-
Lindström, Rune Poet 1916-1973
Lindenborn, Ernst Poet 1891-1964
Lindgren, Astrid Poet 1907-2002
Liesinger, Hans Composer, Poet 1938-
Lienerth-Zultner, Grete Composer, Poet 1906-1989
Liguori, Alonso Maria di Composer 1696-1787
Lüderitz, Wolfgang Composer, Poet 1926-2012
Loizos, Manos Composer 1937-1982
Löffler, Fritz Poet 1911-
Leiber, Jerry Composer, Poet 1933-2011
Leisring, Volckmar Poet 1588-1637
Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates