Composers and Poets

On this page it is possible to see when many of the poets and composers, whose work is contained in the archive lived. The list is incomplete since only those artists whose dates were available are shown here. Searches for other composers and poets should be done through the Contents database.

Once a search is undertaken, clicking on a name will show the artists body of work contained in the archive.


Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates
Donati, Baldassare Composer 1528-1603
da Nola, Giovanni Domenico Composer 1510-1592
Dach, Simon Poet 1605-1659
Dahn, Felix Poet 1834-1912
Damen, Hermann Poet 1255-1307
Damß, Martin Poet 1910-1962
Daniel, Hermann Albert Poet 1812-1871
Daquin, Louis Claude Composer 1694-1772
Darwish, Sayed Composer 1892-1923
Daubitz, Paul Composer 1881-
David, Christian Poet 1690-1751
David, Jakob Julius Poet 1859-1906
Davis, Frank Marion Composer 1839-1896
De l'isle, Rouget Composer, Poet 1760-1836
Debali, Francisco Jose Composer 1791-1859
Debussy, Claude Composer 1840-1918
Dechet, Hyppolite Poet 1801-1830
Decius, Nikolaus Poet 1480-1529
Decker, Will Composer, Poet 1899-1945
Dedekind, Henning Composer 1562-1626
Dedekind, K. Ch. Poet 1628-1715
Deeke, Ernst Poet 1805-1862
Degen, Helmut Composer 1911-1995
Degenhardt, Franz Josef Poet 1931-2011
Degeyter, Pierre Composer 1848-1932
Dehmel, Paula Poet 1862-1918
Dehmel, Richard Poet 1863-1920
Dehmel, Walter Poet 1903-1960
Deicke, Günther Poet 1922-2006
Deigendesch, Karl Composer 1839-1911
Deinhardstein, Johann Ludwig Franz Poet 1794-1859
Demantius, Christoph Composer, Poet 1567-1643
Dengg, Sepp Composer 1910-2007
Denicke, David Poet 1603-1680
Denis, Michael Poet 1729-1800
Denver, John Composer, Poet 1943-1997
Derleth, Ludwig Poet 1870-1948
Derlien, Margarete Poet 1900-
Derschmidt, Walther Composer, Poet 1933-
Desprez, Josquin Composer 1450-1521
Dessau, Paul Composer, Poet 1894-1979
Dessauer, Joseph Composer 1798-1876
Deßler, Wolfgang Christoph Poet 1660-1722
Dessler, Wolfgang Christoph Poet 1660-1722
Destouches, Ernst von Poet 1843-1916
Diabelli, Anton Composer 1781-1858
Diederich, Franz Poet 1865- 1921
Dieffenbach, Ferdinand Poet 1821-1861
Dieffenbach, Georg Christian Poet 1822-1901
Diel, Johannes Baptista Poet 1843-1876
Diepenbrock, Melchior von Poet 1798-1853
Diestler, Hugo Composer 1908-1942
Dietrich, Christian Poet 1844-1919
Dietrich, Fritz Composer, Poet 1905-1945
Dietrich, Ignaz Composer 1820-1897
Dietz, Rudolf Poet 1863-1942
Diezel, Carl Emil Poet 1779-1860
Dingelstedt, Franz von Poet 1814-1881
Dippel, Heinrich Poet 1825-1870
Dirnböck, Jakob Poet 1809-1861
Disselhoff, August Poet 1829-1903
Distler, Hugo Composer 1908-1942
Dittersdorf, Karl Ditters von Composer 1739-1799
Doane, William Howard Composer 1832-1909
Doche, Josef Denis Composer 1766-1825
Doddridge, Philipp Poet 1702-1751
Doebber, Johannes Composer 1871-1921
Doehler, Gottfried Poet 1863-1943
Doelle, Franz Poet 1883-1965
Döhnel, Carl Friedrich Poet 1772-1853
Doldinger, Friedrich Composer, Poet 1897-1973
Doles, Johann Friedrich Composer 1715-1797
Döll, Wilhelm Composer 1843-1907
Domanig-Roll, Roman Composer 1882-1938
Donath, Paul Composer 1903-
Doppelbauer, Josef Friedrich Composer, Poet 1918-1989
Döring, Karl August Poet 1783-1844
Dörmann, Felix Poet 1870-1928
Dorn, Alexander Composer 1833-1905
Dost, Bruno Composer 1849-
Dost, Rudolf Composer 1877-1948
Dostal, Nico Composer 1895-1981
Dowideit, Paul Composer 1903-
Dowland, John Composer 1562-1626
Dranmor (Ludwig Ferdinand Schmid) Poet 1823-1888
Drechsler, Josef Composer 1782-1852
Dreese, Adam Poet 1620-1701
Dreger, Friedrich Samuel Poet 1798-1859
Dregert, Alfred Composer 1836-1898
Dreist, Karl August Composer 1784-1836
Drenova, Stavre Poet 1872-1947
Drese, Adam Composer, Poet 1620-1701
Dreßler, Gallus Composer ca. 1535
Dreßler, W. Ch. Poet 1660-1722
Dreves, Lebrecht Poet 1816-1870
Dreyschock, Alexander Composer 1818-1869
Driesch, Karl von den Composer 1925-2011
Driessler, Johannes Composer 1921-1998
Droste-Hülshoff, Annette von Poet 1797-1848
Droysen, Johann Gustav Poet 1808-1884
Dufay, Guillaume Composer 1400-1474
Duffield, George Poet 1818-1888
Duis, Ernst Composer 1896-1967
Dunajewski, Isaak Composer 1900-1955
Dunstable, John Composer 1380-1453
Durante, Francesco Composer 1684-1755
Düringsfeld, Ida von Poet 1815-1876
Dürrner, Johannes Julius Composer 1810-1859
Dussek, Franz Composer 1736-1799
Dussek, Johann Ludwig Composer 1761-1812
Dybeck, Richard Poet 1811-1877
Dykes, John Bacchus Composer 1823-1876
Dylan, Bob Composer, Poet 1941-
Dyroff, Adolf Poet 1866-1943
Dvorak, Anton Composer 1841-1904
Donato, Edgardo Composer 1897-1963
Debois, F. Composer 1834-
Daum, Adolf Composer 1906-1955
Düringer, Philipp Composer 1807-1870
Denhoff, Joachim Composer, Poet 1924-2007
Dunklau-Kröncke, Gertruida Poet 1896-1965
Decker, C. von Poet 1784-1844
Domaska, Michal Poet 1820-1897
Däubler, Theodor Poet 1876-1934
Daxberger, August Poet 1913-1996
Dinklage, Ludwig Poet 1892-1966
Dufayel, Carl Poet 1856-1906
Dieckelmann, Heinrich Composer, Poet 1898-1985
Demme, Hermann Chr. G. Poet 1750-1822
David, Johann Nepomuk Composer 1895-1977
Dauthendey, Max Poet 1867-1918
Derschmidt, Hermann Composer 1904-1997
Deutsch, Walter Composer 1923-
Demmler, Kurt Composer, Poet 1943-2009
Danckert, Werner Poet 1900-1970
Dieter, Charly (Charlotte Raschek) Composer, Poet 1925-2007
Dobschinski, Walter Composer, Poet 1908-1996
Dostal, Frank 1945-
Deil, Eugen Poet 1846-1908
Dehmel, Willy Poet 1909-1971
Döhler, Gottfried Poet 1863-1943
Dostal, Hermann Composer 1874-1930
Denaisius, Peter Poet 1561-1610
Dingler, Max Composer 1883-1961
Döring, Wilhelm (Franz Ringler) Composer, Poet 1887-
Danzi, Franz Composer 1763-1826
Docen, Bernhard Joseph Poet 1782-1828
Dalberg, Karl Theodor Freiherr Poet 1744-1817
Draper, William Poet 1855-1933
Dorscht, Paul Composer 1904-1994
Dehn, Christian Poet 807-1852
Dölker, Christoph Composer 1830-1899
Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates