Composers and Poets

On this page it is possible to see when many of the poets and composers, whose work is contained in the archive lived. The list is incomplete since only those artists whose dates were available are shown here. Searches for other composers and poets should be done through the Contents database.

Once a search is undertaken, clicking on a name will show the artists body of work contained in the archive.


Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates
Abaco, Evaristo Felice dall' Composer 1675-1742
Abel, Otto Composer, Poet 1905-1977
Ableitner, Augustin Poet 1886-1972
Abler, Franz Poet 1882-1952
Abraham, Paul Composer 1892-1960
Abschatz, Hans Aßmann Freiherr von Poet 1646-1699
Absenger, Anton Composer 1820-1899
Abt, Franz Composer 1819-1885
Adam, Karl Ferdinand Composer 1806-1868
Adams, Sarah Poet 1805-1848
Adler, Hans Poet 1880-1957
Adriaenssen, Emanuel Composer 1550-1604
Adrian, Johann Valentin Poet 1793-1864
Aebi, Elisabeth Poet 1903-1962
Ager, Milton Composer 1893-1979
Agricola, Martin Composer 1486-1556
Ahlborn, Knud Poet 1888-1977
Ahle, Johann Georg Composer 1651-1706
Ahle, Johann Rudolf Composer, Poet 1625-1673
Ahnfelt, Oskar Composer 1813-1882
Aiblinger, Johann Kaspar Composer 1779-1867
Aichinger, Gregor Composer 1564-1628
Aist, Dietmar von Poet ca. 1115-1171
Aljabjew, Alexander Composer 1787-1852
Albert, Heinrich Composer, Poet 1604-1651
Albert, Michael Poet 1836-1893
Alberus, Erasmus Composer, Poet 1500-1553
Albinus, Johann Georg Poet 1624-1679
Albrecht Herzog von Preußen Poet 1490-1568
Albrecht, Alois Poet 1936-
Albrecht d.J. Markgraf zu Magdeburg-Culmbach Poet 1522-1557
Aletter, Wilhelm Composer 1867-1934
Alexandrow, Alex W. Composer 1883-1946
Alexis, Willibald Poet 1798-1871
Alkuin Poet 735-804
Allegra, Antonio Poet 1905-1969
Allendorf, Johann Ludwig Konrad Poet 1693-1773
Allmeder, Franz Poet 1872-1941
Allmers, Hermann Ludwig Composer, Poet 1821-1902
Allram, Josef Poet 1860-1941
Altenburg, Michael Poet 1584-1640
Altendorf, Werner Composer, Poet 1906-1945
Altmann, Karl Friedrich Julius Poet 1814-1873
Alzedo, Jose Bernardo Composer 1788-1878
Am Bühl, Johann Ludwig Poet 1750-1800
Amberg, Charles Composer, Poet 1894-1946
Ambrosch, A.W. Composer 1815-1876
Ambrosch, Joseph Karl Composer 1754-1822
Ambrosius, Johanna Poet 1854-1939
Ambrosius, Sankt Poet 340-397
Ambühl, Johann Heinrich Composer, Poet 1817-1867
Ameln, Konrad Composer 1899-1994
Amiel, Henri-Frederic Composer 1821-1881
Amstein, Rosalie Poet 1846-1923
Amthor, Eduard Poet 1820-1884
Anacker, August Ferdinand Composer, Poet 1790-1854
Anacker, Heinrich Poet 1901-1971
Andersen, Hans Christian Poet 1805-1875
Andersen, Ludwig (Ludwig Strecker) Poet 1883-1978
Anding, Michael Composer 1810-1879
Andre, Johann Composer 1741-1799
Andreä, Johann Valentin Poet 1586-1564
Andreae, Volkmar Composer 1879-1962
Andree, Ferry Composer 1899-1967
Andreef, Georg (jurij) Composer, Poet 1920-1991
Andresen, Stine Poet 1849-1927
Anna Sophie von Hessen-Darmstadt Poet 1638-1683
Annoni, Hieronymus Poet 1697-1770
Anschütz, Ernst Composer, Poet 1780-1861
Anthes, Johann Adam Composer 1788-1843
Anzengruber, Ludwig Poet 1839-1889
Apel, Johann August Composer, Poet 1771-1816
Apiarius, Matthias Composer 1495-1554
Aquin, Thomas von Poet 1224-1274
Arbeau, Toinot Composer 1519-1596
Arcadelt, Jacob Composer 1505-1568
Arends, Wilhelm Erasmus Poet 1677-1721
Arndt, Ernst Moritz Poet 1769-1860
Arndt, Julius Karl Poet 1820-1888
Arndt, Reinhold Poet 1883-1952
Arne, Thomas Austine Composer 1710-1778
Arnim, Achim von Poet 1781-1831
Arnim, Bettina von Poet 1785-1859
Arnleitner, Friedrich Composer 1845-1903
Arnold, Ernst Composer 1890-1962
Arnold, Gottfried Poet 1666-1714
Artmann, Hans Carl Poet 1921-2000
Arx, Cäsar von Poet 1895-1949
Aschenborn, Hans Anton Composer, Poet 1888-1931
Aschenbrenner, Sepp Composer, Poet 1923-1988
Assisi, Franziskus von Poet 1182-1226
Attaingnant, Pierre Composer ca. 1494 - ca. 1552
Attenhofer, Carl Composer 1837-1914
Auber, Daniel Francois Esprit Composer 1782-1871
Audorf, Jacob Poet 1835-1898
Auerbach, Berthold Poet 1812-1882
Auerbach, Ludwig Poet 1840-1882
Auersperg, Anton Alexander Graf (Anastasius Grün) Poet 1806-1876
Augsburger, Stefan Poet 1856-1893
Augustinus Poet 354-430
Ausländer, Rose Poet 1901-1988
Autenrieth, Konrad Composer 1828-1887
Avenarius, Ferdinand Poet 1856-1923
Armin, Josef Poet 1858-1925
Anderluh, Anton Composer 1896-1977
Abraham, Lars Ulrich Composer 1922-2003
Albrecht, Christoph Composer 1930-
Ailbout, Hans Composer 1879-1957
Asriel, Andre Composer 1922-
Arnold, Eberhard Poet 1883-1935
Anninger, Maria Poet 1888-1950
Akepsimas, Jo Composer 1940-
Andrewes, Lancelot Poet 1555-1626
Annegarn, Josef Composer, Poet 1794-1843
Arnie, Ralf Poet 1924-2003
Ames, Nancy Composer, Poet 1937-
Alisch, Heinz Composer 1917-1993
Adelung, Johann Christoph Poet 1732-1806
Abeille, Ludwig Composer 1761-1838
Ainger, Arthur Campbell Poet 1841-1919
Alford, Henry Poet 1810-1871
Anderle, Leopold Poet 1885-1937
Auberlen, Wilhelm Amandus Composer 1778-1874
Altendorf, Franz Poet 1877-
Asmussen, Georg Poet 1856-1933
Ade, Erich Composer 1907-1978
Ahrens, Joseph Composer 1904-1997
Altemark, Joachim Composer, Poet 1906-1963
Andre, Ludwig Composer 1858-1924
Anerio, Felice Composer 1560-1614
Arthopius, Balthasar Composer nach 1480- 1534
Aengenvoort, Johannes Composer 1919-1979
Asenbauer, Andreas Composer 1865-1938
Auner, Heinz Composer 1921-1999
Adamo, Salvatore Composer, Poet 1943-
Adolph, Gustav Composer 1872-1924
Abreu, Zequinha de Composer 1880-1935
Amon, Anton Composer 1862-1931
Arnold, Heini Poet 1913-1982
Alexander, Cecil Frances Poet 1818-1895
Aakjaer, Jeppe Poet 1866-1930
Agerby, Aksel Composer 1889-1942
Arnold, Emmy Poet 1884-1980
Aiken, Walter H. Composer, Poet 1856-1935
Arnold, Friedrich Wilhelm Composer, Poet 1810-1864
Ander, Alex Rolf (Rolf Alexander Wilhelm) Composer 1927-2013
Anka, Paul Composer, Poet 1941-
Albertinus, Aegidius Poet 1560-1620
Abel, Julius Composer 1833-1928
Agricola, Alexander Composer 1446-1506
Aquino, Thomas von Poet 1227-1274
Auberlen, Samuel Gottlob Composer 1758-1829
Adolph, Gottlob Poet 1685-1745
Anstein, Christof Poet 1961-
Ammann, Heinrich Poet 1864 - nach1917
Aichele, Hellmut Composer 1902-1975
Adam, Adolphe Charles Composer, Poet 1803-1856
Angely, Louis Poet 1787-1835
Augustin, Max Composer 1643-1705
Albrecht, Georg von Composer 1871-1976
Aichele, Karl Composer 1890-1980
Anglesey, Robert Williams Composer 1781-1821
Arnold, Samuel Composer 1740-1802
Albert, Heinrich (Gitarre) Composer 1870-1950
August, Ernst Ferdinand Poet 1795-1870
Arnold, Emy-Margret (Emy-Margret Zumpe) Poet 1911-2003
Arnschwanger, Johann Christoph Poet 1625-1696
Adolphsen, Helge Composer 1940-
Alt, Michael Composer 1905-1973
Alverdes, Paul Poet 1897-1979
Artopius, Balthasar Composer ca. 1482-1534
Aschenborn, Hartmut Composer, Poet 1949-1986
Attinger, Ludwig Composer 1825-1894
Al-Kamali, Shafiq Poet o.A.
Andert, Herbert Poet 1910-2010
Aue, Hartmann von Poet ca. 1160-1210
Alin, Pierre Composer 1879-1920
Agricola, Johann Poet 1494-1566
Picture Artists Name Artist Type Dates